For the translation of watt to kilowatt (hereafter, kW), you must know that are multiples of the decimal prefix "kilo" means "thousand" means one kilowatt equals one thousand watts (1kW = 1000W). To convert kilowattsin watts, multiply this value by one thousand. By multiplying the number by a thousand, the comma is transferred to three digits to the right of the original location among. Example 1. 4 kW = 4000 W, 0.4 kW = 400 watts, 3.5 kW = 3500 W, 89 kW = 89000 watts.
Sometimes you have to translate from watts to kilowatts. This action back above in the first step of translation. That is, one watt is equal to one thousandth of a kilowatt (1 watt = 0,001 kW). Then, when translating, it is necessary to multiply the number of one-thousandth or divided into one thousand, to move the comma in the three digits to the left from the initial position in the number. Example 2. 1000 watts = 1 kW 37 W = 0,037 kW, 5 W = 0,005 kW, 86000 W = 86 kW.