Subtract the value of the indicator in the billing period the value of this index in the base period, then divide the resulting value by the value of the indicator in the base period, and the result is increase a hundred times - so you get the size of the increase relative to the base period, expressed in percent. For example, if the revenue in the reporting period amounted to 150 000 and in the previous it was 100 000, the gain calculation will look like this: (150000-100000) / 100000 * 100 = 0,5 * 100 = 50%.
Use the calculator for practical calculations of the rate of growth. For example, it may be the calculator supplied with Windows software Microsoft. A link to it available in the main menu system on the button "start" - revealing it is necessary to go to "Programs", then to "Standard", then open the section "Service" and select "Calculator". And you can use the run dialog programs - press the key combination WIN + R, type calc and click the "OK"button.
Perform a sequence of mathematical actions by clicking buttons in the calculator interface on the display or pressing the exact same keys on the keyboard. Any peculiarities in the operations of subtraction, division and multiplication in this calculator is not, therefore, difficulties with the calculation of growth rate should not be here.
Use the search engine Google, if the calculator is not at hand, but there is Internet access. In addition to search operations, Google is able to do mathematical calculations. To do this in the search query box to enter the appropriate entry. For example, as described in the first step sample calculation of the growth rate in the search query will look exactly the same: "(150000-100000) / 100000 * 100". Sending data to the server is automatic, so when a request is entered to get the answer will not even need to press the button.