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To put watts in the appropriate units, use the following table.One Watt corresponds to:Milliewatts - 1000
Watt - 1
Kilowatts - 0,001
Megawatt - 0,000001
Joules per second - 1
Horsepower 0,00134
Metric horsepower 0,00136
Electric horsepower 0,00134
Boiler horsepower 0,000102
Foot-pound per minute - a 44.25
Foot-pound per second - 0,74
dBm - 30
Calories per hour - 859,85
Kilocalories per hour is 0.86
British thermal unit per second - 0,000948
British thermal unit per hour is 3.41
A ton of refrigeration is 0,000284
To translate the power, specified in watts, a different unit of measure, simply multiply the given number by that factor. For example, if the engine power output is 100,000 watts, the "horsepower" it would be: 134 HP
If You were asked to convert watts to amps, you should not accuse his interlocutor of incompetence and inadequacy. Specify the conditions in which you use the appliance. If the device is connected to a household electrical outlet is screwed into electroputere, or in some other way connected to a conventional power supply, then most likely, you use a voltage of 220 Volts AC. Given that the voltage, current and power are interrelated by the formula P=UI, where
P – power
U – voltage,
I – current,get a simple formula: I=P/220.
That is, in order to calculate the current (in amperes) must be able to withstand your mains when you connect a new device, share in his power (in watts) at 220.
Similarly, you can transfer watts to amps for any appliance, if you know the voltage supply.
Even easier to translate watts, using numerous programs-converters or online services, such asВатт.html