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  • Calculator or online unit Converter
In joules it is easy to transfer the unit of work and energy, adopted in the CGS system is erg. To do this, simply multiply the amount of ergs on 10 in a minus of the seventh degree. So, for example, 500 ergs can be represented in the form of 0.0000001 500 x = 0,00005 George.
Also in joules can be transferred the information specified in electronvolt (eV) is a non – si unit of energy. However, the result is not exact but approximate. One electron volts is approximately equal to 1.6 times 10 to the negative nineteenth power of George. So, 180000 eV can be converted to joules as follows: 180000 x 1.6 x 10 to the minus nineteenth degree = 288 x 10 to the minus thirteen degree j.
In addition, in joules can be translated work or energy, unit of measure which was chosen by the kilowatt-hour (kWh). For the number of kWh you need to multiply by 3600000. For example, 0,04 kW*h = 144000 j = 144 kilojoules (kJ). The result of such a transfer would not approximate but absolutely exact.
Another off-system unit easily translated in joules, is the calorie (cal). For this amount of calories must be multiplied by 4,1868. So, cal 815 = 815 x 4,1868 = 3412,242 George. There is also a special unit – the calorie. One calorie is equal to 4,1840 George. Therefore, 23 thermochemical calorie =23 x 4,1840 = 96,232 George.
At joules you can also convert a number of units used in the British system of measurement. For example, one British thermal unit (BTU, BTU) is approximately equal to 1055,056 George. So, is 0.2 BTU = 0.2 x 1055,056 = 211,0112 George. Convert to joules and these other units, you can use any of the many online converters.