Do not expect a puppy that he calmly put up with the care of the owner. Dogs are inherently pack animals, they certainly need to take part in all the events that occur in the family. This is especially true of puppies, which in the first months of life need constant attention. So be prepared that the reaction of the dog loneliness will be negative. Try before you leave to clean, close and hide all the dog can ruin, chew, break.
The puppy normally have learned to endure loneliness, it is necessary to accustom to it gradually. For a start, let him get used to be alone in the room. Try to leave your puppy at times when he's fed and walked and ready to take a NAP. Wait until your pet calms down on his couch, leave the room and close the door. Even if the baby to find that there was one, would begin to howl and scratch at the door, do not throw back immediately. Give your puppy to be alone for at least a few minutes. Then you can log in to cuddle your four-legged friend, treat him with something delicious, to praise. Repeat these training treatments, gradually stretching the time. The puppy therefore will understand that you will return, you just have to wait.
You can do the opposite way: to limit the dog the entrance to any particular room, for example, in the kitchen. Leaving, do not let the puppy behind you. Are there a while, and then come back to your pet, gently welcoming him.
Leaving the apartment, try not to attract the attention of the dog to your care. No need to say goodbye to the dog - it will only worry her. On the contrary, distract it, for example, a toy or treat. Before leaving, always leave the puppy a few toys that he will be able to do. At first your pet will also help not to feel too lonely enabled TV or radio. Can also leave him with something belonging to you earlier, but an unnecessary thing. The puppy will be calmer, if he will take her to his bed, with the scent master.