Similar behavior for dogs is completely natural. When the older individual is returned to the pack, young dogs licking her flews and the corners of the mouth. The puppy in his own way is trying to show its respect and doesn't understand why you don't want to behave like a decent dog. To scream and to be his in any case not worth it, otherwise he cease to rejoice in your return. But do need taming.
Teach your dog the "Sit" command. Every time I open the door, command it to the dog. Continue to praise her for the successful execution of the command until you remove their shoes and take off the robe. Then going to call the dog to her and give her the attention she so long waited for you.
Get ahead of the dog. Once came down to meet you pet, stroke it, pushing on the rump so that he sat. If you are against such actions themselves stick your face out the dog so she can lick you in the nose and count the ritual of the meeting is made.
If this habit is already fixed, try to put forward the knee when the dog will happily jump on you. Soon the dog will understand that regularly bumps into a sharp object causing her discomfort, and leave it. Can also attack a dog in the hind leg when she gleefully lowered the front on your shoulders.
At that time, as the dog has jumped, but has not had time to touch you, grab her front paws. Dogs do not like when their freedom restricted in this way, so soon your four-legged friend to stop trying to hug you.
Whichever method you choose, tell all family members and friends, often visiting you. If you want your pet stopped to greet people in this way, participate in the correction of dog behavior should all come to the house.