Advice 1: How to teach a puppy to sleep one

On average, a puppy sleeps 18 to 20 hours a day. This is normal, since this prolonged sleep is associated with the fact that the puppy grows and requires a lot of time to relax. The remaining time he spends on the knowledge of the world around him.
How to teach a puppy to sleep one
It is important that the puppy most of the time sleeping spent the night. When he is an adult dog, he will also sleep at night. It's pretty hard to do if the puppy had just taken from her mother. Until the age of four months he won't be able to sleep through the night. First tip, when you took the baby, will be that the first few days it should be calm. To do this, fit a suitable size box, where he will sleep the first time. It can be put on the bed that will make it clear to the puppy that he is not alone. Then the box can be removed from beds and placed on the floor.
Dogs need to remember one rule – if you allow them, it's forever. After a ban is possible, but it is a tedious process, as the dog is difficult to understand why yesterday it was possible, but today banned. So if you decided to sleep together with your puppy, be prepared that he will sleep with you all the time, no matter how much the impressive size he had grown.
Here are the tips give libakonadi that your little dog didn't Wake up in the night:- Night not to allow the puppy to sleep. You can entertain him, play, preventing sleep;
- Bring a walk;
After this a hearty and satisfying meal to feed.Happy and tired puppy will not Wake up from hunger. This is reminiscent of how mothers teach their children who are awake at night and sleep during the day.
If the puppy woke up and requires you games, you need to firmly let him know that no one can play him not going. You can also buy special home doghouse, in which he will sleep. Dogs quickly get used to it, and put it at any place.

Advice 2: How to teach your puppy to sleep at night

Pups, recently weaned from mother, usually, bad sleep at night: whine, run, play. Calming night brawler can be difficult, but is necessary from the first days of the appearance of the dog in the house to raise her and teach them to sleep at night, otherwise she will get used to this routine.

How to teach your puppy to sleep at night
You will need
  • box;
  • - litter;
  • - soft toy;
  • plastic bottle;
  • - a towel.
Kids, recently changed the decor, everything is unfamiliar and scary. They are afraid of new smells, objects, sounds, so I can't sleep at night, even if you want to sleep. The puppy must be calm, gently pet him, talk to him comforting. But don't put him to sleep next to him on the bed. So of course he will calm down, but in the dream may fall. In addition, when the pet grow up, to wean him to sleep on your couch will be more difficult. Even so, don't make exceptions: any ban is designed forever. The dog will not be able to understand why sometimes you can sleep on the bed, and sometimes not.
First take him to a separate bed. Better adapt to this box, putting it in a litter. Or buy a kennel for dogs. Place it next to your bed, the puppy feel secure. You can first put her on the bed, and once he's asleep, put it on the floor. Gradually, the dog will get used to your place and will return there to sleep.
Puppies usually sleep about 18 hours a day. That night, the dog could sleep, don't give her long sleep by day, awake more often, walk more often during the day, evening, play with him, go on long walks. Entertain the puppy and bedtime feed meat. A tired kid will sleep soundly at night.
If the puppy can not get used to sleep separately, sveste hand off the bed and lay next to him. The feeling of closeness will calm him down and give sleep. Put him on the litter favorite toy or pour into a plastic bottle of warm water, wrapped it in a soft cloth or towel. Puppy remembers the mother's warmth and will sleep better. Water can change as it cools down. If in the night the dog woke up and started to play, do not support it, dismiss yourself. Soon she will get bored and fall asleep.
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