You will need
  • - breast collection
  • urological collection
  • - activated charcoal
  • - essential oil (lavender, eucalyptus)
  • - purified cotton, peach or apricot oil
  • - hell
  • - med
At the first sign of loss of voice is very important not to straining of the vocal chords, speak a quiet, even voice, in any case not to sing and not scream.
To cure voice chords, it is advisable to do cleaning of the whole organism, because often the loss of voice occurs due to colds. The alternation breast and urological collection and 2 tablets of activated charcoal daily will help you.
To strengthen the voice bundles, it is useful to do inhalation by adding a few drops of aromatic oils – lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree.
In the room you are in, the air should be dry, so it is important to maintain normal humidity by placing a few containers of water across the room.
About bad habits we must forget, alcohol and Smoking adversely affects voice ligament.
It is very important to lubricate your voice chords: sitting, instilled into the nose a few drops of purified cotton, peach or apricot oil in a week 2 times a day.
During treatment, the vocal cords need to take vitamin complexes, for the speedy recovery of the whole organism.
If the voice is lost, and you need to speak at some event, help recipe for quick recovery of the voice in 1/3 Cup of boiling water to put a little piece of hell and infuse 20 minutes, drink every hour, with the addition of honey to 1 teaspoon. Voice is restored in 24 hours.
Voice chords like heat, so was the compress on the neck at night will have a positive impact on their condition.
Cure voice bundles will help the daily breathing exercises by Strelnikova A. N. Sharp, noisy shmygina nose gives a stunning effect.
To your voice, give you and others a pleasant chat - sing, improve your vocal cords.