You will need
  • - buckwheat honey, cognac, vegetable oil;
  • - eucalyptus, Bay leaf, honey, propolis;
  • - milk, honey, butter, propolis;
  • Kalina, honey, milk;
  • - milk, brandy, honey, butter, egg white;
  • milk, carrots.
Aphonia is committed the following means. Mix 30 g of buckwheat honey, brandy and vegetable oil. Try to slowly swallow the mixture. After that, it is necessary to take food for some time.
Back voice you can use eucalyptus, Bay leaf, honey and propolis. To prepare the remedy, you will need a liter of boiled water, tablespoon of honey, the same amount of vegetable oil and crushed eucalyptus leaf, about 4 leaves of Laurel and propolis, weighing in at 2 grams. Crush the raspberries and Bay leaf, pour all the above components in hot water, warm the mixture on a water bath for five minutes. Do inhalation over a boiling solution, inhale nose, exhale through the mouth. Such a solution will be enough for five treatments, every time you heat it to 90 degrees. If the disease is started, prepare for the next procedure fresh solution.
If the voice is lost in connection with angina, take the warm milk in combination with honey, butter, and propolis. Dissolve in warm milk propolis tincture (30 drops), put the same teaspoon of butter and honey. Drink a mixture of slow SIPS, not forgetting to hold a SIP in your mouth for some time. Make the tool better on an empty stomach in the morning and before bed.
Those who cannot drink milk due to various reasons, to restore a lost voice will help Kalina, brewed in a thermos. Drink milk with Kalina during the day, adding to the beaker a small amount of honey.
To restore the voice during a cold will help cocktail made from warm milk with a tablespoon of cognac, honey and one-third tablespoon of butter. But first, you need egg whites whipped in a solid foam, and then fill it with milk. The resulting cocktail drink slowly through a straw while lying in bed. In the morning the condition of the vocal cords is markedly improved.
Effective aid in the loss of the voice will have a recipe, which is based on the "carrot milk". Boil about 200g of carrots in a liter of milk. Strain the solution and rinse their throats up to 6 times a day, saying "Oooo-oooo-ahhh".