If you've lost your voice as a result of long emotional conversation, first of all, calm down, come to yourself and drink hot tea with honey and lemon. Thwarted for this reason, the voice can be cured also grape juice, cranberry juice or warm milk.
Try to keep your communication with others to a minimum. Sometimes silence is the best way to restore the torn voice. It is much more effective than other means removes tension from the vocal cords.
If the cause of loss of voice is colds, try, use the decoction of calendula, cook that you can Bay 1 tablespoon of flowers of this plant Cup of boiling water. Several times gargle this for hours, and during this period try not to eat or drink. This method is very effective. If no result, repeat the procedure a few more times.
Boil a few potatoes in "uniform", slightly mash them, lean over the pot, cover your head with a towel and breathe potato steam for 5-10 minutes. This procedure is great for recovering damaged vocal cords, just be careful not to inhale too deep to not get burned.
To treat a torn voice, you can use the tincture of eucalyptus. Add a few drops of this medium in a glass of warm water and the resulting solution gargle the throat as often as possible until the full restoration of the voice.
Try to cure torn voice with a few yolks of raw eggs. Add the butter and sugar, and then eat the resulting mass. Despite the effectiveness of this method, do not get them, because raw eggs very often contain harmful to human body substances. Enlist the help of this tool only in cases of emergency.
Very useful for damaged vocal cords vegetable oil, which should gargle. Butter, spread on bread, can also have a nice effect.