To move to cashless pay, that is, to receive wages on a Bank card, you need to begin to make this map. This can be done in any branch of almost every Bank. Be aware that this is more suitable so-called payroll cards. Service charges of such cards are either minimal or non-existent. But the interest rate that is charged for the storage of funds, is also low. Basically, the organization enters into a contract with a particular Bank and issues credit cards to all employees. You will be given a ready cardand pin. Wages you will receive it. Typically, you should not even inform your Bank details. When transferring to another job you will need to know the details of your credit cards or take them to the same place of work.
If the map is decorated separately from the bulk of the organization's employees, or open another Bank as if the Bank details are lost, you should contact the nearest branch of the Bank where was issued the Bank card to ask for the Bank details. This service is mostly free. ATM machines of some commercial banks also allow you to know your details.
In this case, and if your organization is not made compulsory salary transfer to the Bank account, you must write a letter to the accountant of the organization.The statement might look like this:
"In the accounting Department of OOO "Employer"
chief accountant John DOE
from senior assistant Имярек_2ЗаявлениеПрошу to transfer salaries and other monies in my account the following details:
l/C No. 123456789 in the South-Western Department of Russia SAT 1234/1234 G. Rostova-na-Donu
BIC 123456789
K/s 123456789
p/s 123456789 date