Advice 1: How to list salary on the card

Bank plastic cards are increasingly part of our lives. More and more payments, from paying utilities to buying goods in a store or online is made. Cashless pay system is no surprise. In addition, it is a good way to protect yourself from the "gray" wages. So, all the contributions to the social insurance Fund will be done correctly.
How to list salary on the card
To move to cashless pay, that is, to receive wages on a Bank card, you need to begin to make this map. This can be done in any branch of almost every Bank. Be aware that this is more suitable so-called payroll cards. Service charges of such cards are either minimal or non-existent. But the interest rate that is charged for the storage of funds, is also low. Basically, the organization enters into a contract with a particular Bank and issues credit cards to all employees. You will be given a ready cardand pin. Wages you will receive it. Typically, you should not even inform your Bank details. When transferring to another job you will need to know the details of your credit cards or take them to the same place of work.
If the map is decorated separately from the bulk of the organization's employees, or open another Bank as if the Bank details are lost, you should contact the nearest branch of the Bank where was issued the Bank card to ask for the Bank details. This service is mostly free. ATM machines of some commercial banks also allow you to know your details.
In this case, and if your organization is not made compulsory salary transfer to the Bank account, you must write a letter to the accountant of the organization.The statement might look like this:
"In the accounting Department of OOO "Employer"
chief accountant John DOE
from senior assistant Имярек_2ЗаявлениеПрошу to transfer salaries and other monies in my account the following details:
l/C No. 123456789 in the South-Western Department of Russia SAT 1234/1234 G. Rostova-na-Donu
BIC 123456789
K/s 123456789
p/s 123456789 date

Advice 2: How to transfer money to a Bank card

The transfer of funds to Bank cards (for example, Sberbank, OTP Bank) possible to produce in the following ways: writing a statement in any branch of the Bank and the Russian post; electronic purse; from card to card.
How to transfer money to a Bank card
For transferring money to a Bank card you need to know the details of a particular Bank and the recipient of the money transfer. The transfer of funds to cards of Sberbank, OTP Bank made through any branch of the Bank or through the post. In this case, the sender must write a statement indicating their passport details and payment details of the recipient.
Clients of OTP Bank can fill out a form e-mail order and ask for the implementation of electronic transfer of money in one of post offices FSUE "Mail of Russia" running the program "cyber money".
The transfer of funds to Bank cards through an online payment system
By choosing the online system of storage and transfer of funds (for example, Yandex-money, or Money Mail, sign up on the website this system. After registration you will get use of an electronic wallet; it will be replenished in any convenient way specified in the information this payment system.
To transfer funds to the card Bank-partner of the payment system, choose the function money transfers → transfer to the account of a natural person in [Specified Bank], choose an amount to transfer and complete the Bank details in the form. You will need to provide: Bank name, Bank city, Bank, BIK, INN, Bank, correspondent account of the Bank transfer method, Bank account#, current account number, name of the recipient.
The transfer of funds by a method "from card to card through an ATM
The service is available for holders of debit and credit cards of Sberbank, OTP Bank. For money transfer, insert your card into the ATM, enter the PIN code. Find the menu service "Money transfers". Confirming it, enter the amount you wish to Deposit with your card and next – card number of the beneficiary of the funds. Confirm your action by pressing OK. Please note that many ATMs and Internet payment systems when transferring funds to the card charge interest.
Remittance is delivered within 1-5 days from the moment of transfer.

Advice 3: How to transfer money to my plastic card

To pay for goods and services plastic card is sometimes more convenient than cash. For transactions on the account must have a positive balance. To transfer money to their (or someone else) a plastic card simply.
How to transfer money to my plastic card
Via Bank branch
Please contact the nearest branch of the Bank Department dealing with Bank cards, present to the operator the document proving the identity (passport), name your card number, make the necessary amount of money, take the document confirming the transaction. If you do not know the numbers of their credit card (if you ordered it, but the card is still not ready), transfer the money to your personal account. Details for transfer of money shall be indicated in the printout of the Bank, which is issued when completing an application for the issue of a plastic card. The account number is also recorded in the application, a copy of which you should get.
Self-service devices
Make sure you have selected the self-catering unit supports a function of reception of cash. Depending on the type of device the steps for depositing the funds on a plastic card may differ. Insert the card into the self-service machine, select the option "Deposit cash" or "Deposit account" and follow the instructions, do the required amount, take the check. To transfer money from one card to another, the presence of the acceptor are not required to do this, use a simple ATM.
Internet banking
If you want to replenish the card account from your Bank Deposit account or a different credit card, log in to your account on the your Bank website, select the operation "Transfer to card". Enter the card number with which the money deducted (or the account number for the Deposit), enter the card number, which they should be credited, enter the amount transferred. Confirm the operation. Listing of money on your plastic card is also possible with the e-wallet. Choose the operation "withdraw funds". Follow the steps on the official website of the payment system, which is your online wallet. Remember that some services charge a fee for such transactions.

Advice 4: How to list salary

With the development of banking technology enterprises increasingly prefer to transfer salaries to the employees to plastic cards, not cash payment through the cashier. In addition, remains valid method of payment to workers on their savings books.
How to list salary
To pay wages to the employee on a Bank card, create a payment order. Specify the number and date, amount of payment in figures and in words, INN, KPP and payment details of your company (settlement account, Bank name, its BIK and correspondent account), surname, name, patronymic, INN and payment details of the employee. The purpose of the payment write a payment source, for example, the salary for April 2012, and make a note of the fact that the payroll taxes withheld and paid.
If your organization has many employees, the optimal output will be a comprehensive banking servicing within the salary project. Conclude with the Bank the relevant contract, discuss a Commission fee for the transfer of funds on card accounts of employees. Get electronic digital signature (EDS) for signing and transmission to the Bank lists on transfer of funds on the personal account of employees of your company.
Form a common payroll for payment of wages. Prepare a payment order for the transfer of the amount on the statement: specify the number and date, amount of payment in figures and in words, the payment details of your organization and the servicing Bank. In the field "beneficiary's Account", use a special balance designed for calculations on plastic cards, which you can learn from the employees of the Bank.
Prepare a separate payment order for the payment of a fee for funds crediting to the card account in accordance with the service contract. Typically, these payments go directly to the income account of the Bank. However, some banks allow the inclusion of the amount of the fee in the payment order for payment of wages, but in this case you need to make a note in the memo line.
If you are using the system "Client-Bank", do upload payment orders from accounting software or enter them manually. Perform the necessary operations for signing and sending documents to the Bank for payment.
To send to the Bank the list on crediting money to accounts of employees, create an electronic file in the format requested by the Bank. If necessary, print the statement, sign the persons indicated in card with signature samples and stamp, write stamp, scan and send to the Bank through the system "Client-Bank" or e-mail.
If your enterprise uses a paper document, transmit payment instructions to the Bank staff and the statement on the crediting of wages in the Department on work with plastic cards.
If you want the employee to get paid at the passbook request Bank details: Bank name and its BIC correspondent account, for payments to individuals or other transactions, the customer's account. They can be obtained in the Bank branch where you opened your savings account. Prepare a payment order for the amount owed to the employee wages and send it to the Bank for payment.
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