To pay wages to the employee on a Bank card, create a payment order. Specify the number and date, amount of payment in figures and in words, INN, KPP and payment details of your company (settlement account, Bank name, its BIK and correspondent account), surname, name, patronymic, INN and payment details of the employee. The purpose of the payment write a payment source, for example, the salary for April 2012, and make a note of the fact that the payroll taxes withheld and paid.
If your organization has many employees, the optimal output will be a comprehensive banking servicing within the salary project. Conclude with the Bank the relevant contract, discuss a Commission fee for the transfer of funds on card accounts of employees. Get electronic digital signature (EDS) for signing and transmission to the Bank lists on transfer of funds on the personal account of employees of your company.
Form a common payroll for payment of wages. Prepare a payment order for the transfer of the amount on the statement: specify the number and date, amount of payment in figures and in words, the payment details of your organization and the servicing Bank. In the field "beneficiary's Account", use a special balance designed for calculations on plastic cards, which you can learn from the employees of the Bank.
Prepare a separate payment order for the payment of a fee for funds crediting to the card account in accordance with the service contract. Typically, these payments go directly to the income account of the Bank. However, some banks allow the inclusion of the amount of the fee in the payment order for payment of wages, but in this case you need to make a note in the memo line.
If you are using the system "Client-Bank", do upload payment orders from accounting software or enter them manually. Perform the necessary operations for signing and sending documents to the Bank for payment.
To send to the Bank the list on crediting money to accounts of employees, create an electronic file in the format requested by the Bank. If necessary, print the statement, sign the persons indicated in card with signature samples and stamp, write stamp, scan and send to the Bank through the system "Client-Bank" or e-mail.
If your enterprise uses a paper document, transmit payment instructions to the Bank staff and the statement on the crediting of wages in the Department on work with plastic cards.
If you want the employee to get paid at the passbook request Bank details: Bank name and its BIC correspondent account, for payments to individuals or other transactions, the customer's account. They can be obtained in the Bank branch where you opened your savings account. Prepare a payment order for the amount owed to the employee wages and send it to the Bank for payment.