You will need
  • the sheet of accounting of working time;
  • order or contract;
  • - checkbook.
To give out a salary, first calculate it. To do this you need a contract or order that specifies a salary (rate or amount). Also you must know how much the employee worked days and hours to do this, you take the sheet of accounting of working time.
Calculating the monthly onBoard work, you have to make payroll (unified form T-49). This document must contain such information as employee's name, personnel number, position, wages of a payment and the amount of personal income tax.
In that case, if the cash of the organization is not sufficient for youfees chargedfees, you remove the remaining amount from the settlement account. For this you will need a checkbook, which can be ordered at the servicing Bank. When filling be sure to specify that the amount will be charged to youfees payroll fees (of advance).
After receipt of cash to the cashier, make cash receipt (unified form №KO-1). In that case, if someone of the employees have not received wages, then the amount you have to donate again to the Bank (if the limit does not allow to store it in the box office). When depositing cash in the Bank, make the account cash warrant (unified form №KO-2).
When you receive a wage Board, the employee must sign and date the calculation sheet next to his name. Once paid, sign the bottom and date it. Payroll hem to the folder "Wages" or "cashier Report". At the end of the day make the loose-leaf cash book and cashier report.