For decades the transfer of money was effected on payment documents submitted to the Bank on paper. First, they were printed on paper forms using a typewriter, but with the advent of computers began to form in an accounting program, print out a blueprint on the matrix, and subsequently on a laser printer. Today, this method remains relevant and is still widely used by many enterprises.
If you prefer traditional paper documents, prepare payment orders:
- fill in accordance with the requirements for registration and verify the correctness of the details;
- print 2 copies: one for filing in documents of day of Bank, the other to attach to the statement of the current account. More copies, usually not required, since most banks use electronic forms of document exchange;
- sign them from persons who have been granted the right of first and second signature, and put the seal of the enterprise.
Decorated payment orders tell the accountant-teller at the Bank. Consider the time frame established for acceptance of documents: for example, orders delivered to 15: 00, may be executed on the same day, and received after 15-00 at the next.
The most modern and convenient way of sending payment orders is their transfer on the system "Client-Bank (Internet-Client", "Internet-Bank", "Telebank", etc.). You need to enter into a contract with the Bank, install the software and manufacture of electronic digital signature (EDS) on removable media, particularly flash cards. Each Bank is developing a program to fit your security requirements, but in General the principles of operation are similar.
The payment order can be formed directly in the system "Client-Bank". To do this, open the tab "Payment orders", click "Create", fill in the required fields and save the document. You can also first draw payment orders in the accounting program, and then upload them to the "Client-Bank" through file sharing.
Next step sign the documents with digital signature of the responsible officers specified in the card with samples of signatures. Insert the removable media with the digital signature in a USB port on your computer, check the payment order, select the appropriate item and complete the first and second signature.
Prepare signed orders to send, double-check the correctness and conformity of the details and begin the exchange of documents with the Bank. If sufficient funds sent the payment order will get the status "Accepted".