You will need
  • details for transfer of funds.
Property of private entrepreneur is not divided into personal property and property for entrepreneurial activities in contrast with legal entities. the property located on the front or accounts, owned by the entrepreneur.
Banks set different mode of maintenance of accounts of individuals and legal entities. account of a natural person in the service is cheaper than the current account of a legal entity. In addition, a legal entity must have a RAaccounts a Bank account, and for entrepreneurs there is no such requirement. Therefore, a private entrepreneur has every right to use your account for any calculations.
The law prohibits use of personal accounts of natural persons for business purposes, that is stipulated in the concluded with Bank the contract on opening and maintenance of accounts. And on the other hand, the Bank may not refuse acceptance on account of funds transferred by the company on account of an individual.
To transfer money to the personal account of an individual, enough to know the Bank details are: Bank code, personal account number, OKPO Bank. Then you need to provide a payment order, under which the Bank will transfer funds from the account to the personal account. In the line "Purpose of payment" to specify that this operation is just a transfer of funds.
A private entrepreneur may have problems with tax authorities only in case if the funds obtained as a result of entrepreneurial activity, will go to the account that was opened before registration. That is, the owner did not notify the tax office within 5 days of account opening. Therefore, after the registration of the private entrepreneurs are encouraged to open a new account.
During the preparation of the report to the tax inspection, the owner has the right to split their income at their discretion, regardless of what account they came.