To transfer money to the account of Sberbank of Russia personally through any Bank or post by writing to the transfer of funds. You need to know the payment details of the recipient:
Bank address (branch office), VAT number, IBAN, OKPO, K/C, P/S, BIK.
Recipient: "Calculations of the management Board on operations with plastic cards".
Purpose of payment: credit card number, name of the owner.
Mobile transfer of funds in the accountand cards of Sberbank of Russia is possible on the following accountand Bank cards:
1. On the scorecard and connected to Mobile banking;
2. On accountcards, pre-specified by the card holder in the Instruction/template.
To transfer funds from the accountand card, connected to a Mobile Bank on the recipient's card must be created and sent to a special number the mobile operator 900 SMS message of the following format: TRANSLATION N...N K...K 25000.
Instead of the word TRANSLATION can be the word PEREVOD.
N..N - last 4 digits (example: 1234) required to send in queries of Your card number, which will be charged.
K..K is the last 4 digits of the card number of the recipient (for example, 4321) required to send in the request.
AMOUNT – the payment amount in the currency of the account isa "card sender" in rubles/US dollars/Euro (cents/cents). For example, 25,000 rubles.
Parameters can be separated with: "", "-", ".", "#".
To transfer money via the ATM savings Bank can only the holder of the debit cards of Sberbank of Russia. Thus, the money shall be transferred from card to card. To transfer money the sender needs to know only the card number of the recipient.
1. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN code.
2. Select the service "Money transfers".
3. Enter the amount you wish to transfer to the account of the recipient.
4. Enter the card number of the recipient.
5. Click OK to complete the transaction