Those who want to quickly build muscle and lose excess fat, going to be disappointed. In the body, from the point of view of the formation of fabrics, there may be two "modes": anabolic and catabolic. The first is characterized by the growth of tissues and the second is their destruction. The body can't rapidly burn fat and build muscle.
To build muscle you need to train. But not to fatigue, because in this state, the body weight is always decreasing. You have to train to relax a sufficient amount of time. Of particular importance is sleep. During deep sleep the metabolism slows down and it's the perfect time for muscle growth. It is best to train approximately 2 times a week.
Between exercises do intervals, or do them so: 5 seconds the exercise of force, 5 seconds rest. And again the same thing. The necessary anaerobic load, this should eliminate cardio exercises. First promote the growth of muscle mass, and the second reduction.
Plays a huge role proper nutrition. Conventional food is insufficient. Useful for increasing muscle mass products: boiled chicken, lean beef, bread from wheat flour, brown rice, pasta, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh juice.
The average caloric content of food consumed by a person per day is 2000-2500 kcal. You, as a bodybuilder, it would be enough. But to dramatically increase caloric intake is impossible. Not every stomach to cope with the increased load, some risk of ruining your digestive system, so long will have to restore it, including in hospitals. Start with what you add to your normal 100ккал. When a week goes by, check to see if increased fat layer. If not, you can add another 100 kcal, and so on until you notice a slight increase. Here we should stop and more than the daily amount of food did not increase. Now, with proper training and food, muscle mass begins to grow.