You will need
  • -gym membership
Dedicate the first day of the study the pectoral muscles and triceps are complementary muscle. Start the day with a warm-up with push-UPS. Then, perform a bench-press straight on the bench – five repetitions of ten approaches. Then run the wiring straight dumbbells on the bench – four sets of eight repetitions, then proceed to the exercises on incline bench. The principle is the same – five approaches on ten repetitions with a barbell and eight of the con. The next exercise is bench press because of the head E-Z rod, this way you finally will work the triceps, which are tensed during the press.
On the second day you work the back, shoulders and biceps. Back complete upper and lower arms with those weights that you can pull ten times in the last approach. To work out shoulders make a lift of the rod because of the head standing and the lifting of the dumbbells up through the side in the standing position, both exercises do the four approaches on ten repetitions. Complete the practice exercise for biceps – lifting barbells in a standing position and a separate study of each hand dumbbells when working with a focus. Each exercise perform four approaches to twelve repetitions.
Third day take the step. Perform squats, leg extension exercise on the leg curl. Each exercise, perform six approaches on ten repetitions with the optimal weight. Complete the training study of the calf and working on front and side part of the press.