Many can't bring myself to start going to the gym. In fact, this fear is quite understandable. The mind is afraid to face new problems, so everything new is often swept aside. The best way to solve this problem is to understand that fear has no practical justification. You need to choose a gym close to home and choose your preferred training days. It is advisable to walk 3 times a week, and schedule "Tuesday - Thursday – Saturday" because at that time in the gym is least crowded.
During the training process you need to drink plenty of fluids. The best option - 3-4 liters of fluid per day. All kinds of soups and gruel are also taken into account. Drink plenty of protein drinks (milk, yogurt, whey). The more fluid in the body, the faster metabolism and metabolism that promotes the growth of muscle. Besides, a fast metabolism will help to relieve fatigue.
Food need to diversify, especially its protein part. Note that to gain weight in the hall without a balanced diet it is impossible, even if you make every possible effort in the gym. Eat 5 times a day in small portions. Evening formal dinner (cheese or lean beef - the best option).
Yourself training you need to build on the principle: "less is Better". Do only as many rounds as you advise the coach. Don't overdo it. The most common mistake of beginners is to do up a sweat leads to disastrous results. You can begin applying super not earlier than two months of regular training.