Reduce the inertia - increasing growth. Every time you toss or boost weight reduces the load on the muscles. For growth it is necessary to maintain muscle tension throughout the trajectory of the projectile. Maintain a pace of 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down. This approach allows us to stimulate the muscles along the entire length of the fibers and provides greater time under load. Exercises to do in this case is quite difficult, but they are much more efficient.
Inhale, and then exhale with force. When you are working with heavy weight, maintain smooth operation of all body systems. This will allow you to produce cellular energy source and to make possible the repetition of the approach to exercise. Do you exhale during the most difficult part of the exercise. If you, for example, perform a sit-up, inhale when lowering and exhale on the rise. Such a forced exhalation will help you to concentrate power and give power. Hold your breath for a few seconds only when changing the direction of movement.
Increasing circulation of amino acids, you will accelerate the growth of muscle mass. Do not allow to include the mechanism of fasting, so during intense workouts every 3-4 hours to eat proteins. The body breaks down the protein into amino acids within 45 minutes. Building blocks – amino acids begins to flow into the muscles. Eating small portions protein shake while eating or swallow capsules with amino acids 15 minutes before eating. Preferably in that respect the mixture of casein-whey. Quick effect whey and slow casein, which will support the body in a state of good nitrogen balance for several hours.
Avoid pain – lose height. Builders have a saying: "no pain, No growth." Pick up the load so that the last repetition difficult and pain in the active muscles (in moderation, of course).
Stretching for growth. Include stretching exercises in the training process. You will work muscles, load them to the maximum elongation. Stretching causes new pain, and thus additional growth.
Hold the muscle contraction. Muscles in increasing resistance – is the main essence of bodybuilding. Try static contractions. Studies have shown that retention of weight and muscle contraction under load to complete failure gives impetus to the growth in size and strength. For example, take a weight that you can hold twenty seconds at the most severely stressed point of the trajectory. Gradually increase the time the static until you can hold for 30 seconds, then increase the weight to hold it 20 seconds. Resistance to progression plus the maximum reduction is the key to growth.