Dismissal can affect anyone: the company reduces costs, the financial crisis struck the nation - to dismiss this is not essential. It was plagued by more questions about what to do next, how to quickly find a job, how to live in the absence of money, not to get into debt.

Find the positive sides

First, it is best to do is to understand that a layoff is not your fault. If you weren't fired for the brawl, constant tardiness, or violating the regulations, we will transfer this problem to the company, load it on their own shoulders. It is very important in this difficult period is not to lose confidence, not to reduce self-esteem. Otherwise you can fall into a depressive state, which will face internal problems, irritation, nervous breakdown, or even the beginning of the disease. Understand that the dismissal is not bad, on the contrary, it is a chance to find a new job, maybe even with better conditions, good team, high salary. Be grateful for everything that happens in your life, do not dwell on the troubles, keep a positive attitude - and then you will open many doors. In the end, the period of time when you are looking for work can be a great way to relax, spend more time with family, to see their children not only in the evenings, to have time for reading, sports, walks.

Expand opportunities to find a job

Then you can start looking for a new job. Be ready to change direction, to take on more responsibilities or other tasks. Don't strive to work only with a degree, try to expand the circle of employers to whom you send a resume. Looking for a job on multiple sources - the websites with job offers in Newspapers, on Bulletin boards. Do not think that for you it is shameful to lower position with a lower salary. If in the company there are career prospects, you will soon reach previous peaks.

When work for a long time cannot be found, try to engage in temporary activities. Now many employers are not looking for permanent staff and freelancers. They do not have to rent an office and place of labor, but without pay for this work good money, and this is for you yet should be a priority. The benefits of such activities will be and the fact that she has a free schedule, so you can be at any time to go to the interview. This work can be found in many freelancing sites. Of course, it requires certain skills and abilities: to write texts, to be able to program to do web design.