Fight with the victim complex

If you are too focused on finding the meaning of life, it only says that you have too much free time for reflection. You ask yourself this question again and again looking for advice from others. The reason for this may be the desire to cause self-pity to such poor and wretched, to see in the eyes of others sympathy. You just don't have someone else's attention. Look, don't get carried away with the situation of the victim, otherwise you risk to make the complex, to cope with which will be able only a professional psychologist.

Give time to work in your life

They say time heals. And really, that depression and painful search for the answer to the question "How to find the meaning of life?" within months, maybe weeks, will leave you. You unexpectedly find worth living for. Just do not give a temporary difficulties. The fact that you can unsettle some problem, tragedy or a series of problems. If you have no health problems do not exist hopelessly sick or paralyzed relatives, whom you fear to lose, you have to live and where, therefore, there are no objective reasons to dive into complete apathy, there can be no need to endure this difficult period.

Don't live for something one

You left a wife (or husband)? You lost your job? Or maybe betrayed a friend? Any of these unpleasant situations can basically knock out of the habitual life gauge. However, you cannot live for something or someone one. If you have lost a prestigious job, a loved one because they will not go away, as well as friends and relatives. They will help relive the problem. Or, if you betrayed a friend, you have other friends. And your spouse may be comforting. So, losing one, take comfort in each other.

Occupy yourself

Instead of having to roam the Network in search of the meaning of its existence, occupy yourself with meaningful things: load work, locate interesting hobby, get new friends. In your position there is one advantage which you may not see it: if you have nothing to lose, so, you can try to change your life to 180 degrees. You have never traveled abroad - go to issue a passport. Do not jump with a parachute for fear of heights? Now you are not afraid of doing struggle with their phobias. You yourself will not notice how to acquire true freedom.

Live for the sake of others

Sometimes, no matter how trying, can't find meaning in everyday life. In this case, you should try to live for others, for example, to do charity work or all your efforts to let to provide for their children, that they received a good education and lived comfortably. Try to help, say, a child suffering from a serious illness, support the animal shelter or become a volunteer. Maybe you will realize the value of life and stop wondering How to find the meaning of life?", after all, you are healthy and probably still young enough to live and enjoy every day.