To re-start meaningful and filled with new colors of life, you need to leave the past in the past. The meaning must be sought in the present and the future, and the events of the past is just a storehouse of experience. It is necessary to forgive offenses, to stop blaming yourself for the mistakes of his youth and thinking "but it could be...". Remember, on-to another could not be. Time machine the smart people still have not invented, and is unlikely to come up in the existing era, and so fix anything. It all happened the way it happened. And whether day-to-day to relive the same negative thoughts? To forget the past, of course, impossible, and it is not necessary. Let it teaches you not to repeat the same mistakes, to be wise and reasonable, set new goals, but let it be the past.
Then, it is necessary to objectively assess their present. You need to evaluate every area: work, family, relationship with friends, livelihood, and opportunity for leisure, etc. If something does not suit you, you should either change this aspect of the life or change the attitude. Ignore or betray friends, break contacts, people will still not change! Husband does not understand and does not support you, discuss issues with him and don't forget to support himself. The work does not bring satisfaction, get another profession. Not enough money - think wisely if you spend it, or strive to earn more. When will come the realization that everything in your life depends on you to find new meaning will be easier.
One of the first ways to find a new meaning of life is to find the object of concern. If you are ready to become parents, it's time to think about the children - for most people it is the children who represent the most important meaning in life. Some become volunteers and help sick, elderly or homeless people. Someone gets a kitten or puppy, and in order to return meaning it is better to pick up a homeless animal and give him care, warmth, a real home. Feel the pet is not forced to wait, and then warming the warmth in the soul will return to its former positive attitude towards life.
Another way to make your life meaningful - thanks. Thank life, the Universe, God, parents, other people, nature - everything that is born in the heart a warm feeling. Thanks for everything, for global things and minor things: for the moment, for a bright future for nice people in the environment, for the lucky ticket in the bus, for the timely call of a partner, for a beautiful sunset. And Express that gratitude openly, especially loved ones. At the same time, we must not forget and about the causes of negative emotions. If they are easy to fix, do it without hesitation. The vase reminds you of an unpleasant time spent with some man? So break it! This will help anger to get rid of and prevent self-destruction.
Very effective technique, which helps to understand their life and its purpose, the technique is considered to be "living your last day." It can be done orally, but it is better to write the answers. Just need that to answer the question: "What would I do if I found out that this day is the last?" Describe that day in great detail. Whatever arose in the mind, and this is your true desire. It is also useful to consider the following questions: "what will I most regret in the last day of life?" "Than I'll be proud of?", "What will I leave behind?". It will be a great help for understanding your true goals and values.
Most importantly, what not to lose under any circumstance is the love of ourselves. Accept yourself the way you are, love is not only its advantages but also disadvantages, to see themselves holistically - this is the love of ourselves. If suddenly the love of the main person in your life, return her immediately. Auto-training, positive affirmations, lifestyle change - whatever, but love yourself again! Knowing and understanding yourself, awareness of the main values in life will not keep you waiting. When you love yourself, you will not stall your desire to be yourself. Show your creativity and change what does not suit, take risks and travel for the sake of new experiences, because you deserve the most vivid and, importantly, passing on your script of life.