The incentive to stay alive - why its hard to find

As stated in a proverb attributed to various philosophers, "the right question is half the answer". Therefore, trying to find a reason to live, a person first should think about your goals: what am I living for in this world. Depending on the meaning that people invest in their existence, should find an incentive - in fact motivation from a Buddhist monk, an American athlete or the Russian teacher is very different. By defining your goals, you must prioritize: what will promote and what, conversely, is an obstacle to the attainment of the desired result.

However, the question about the true meaning of life that concerns mankind for millennia, has not yet found the right answer. There are different opinions, for example, according to some modern philosophers, the meaning of life in itself. Every moment of life is unique and valuable, and the trials and hardships necessary for equilibrium, balancing happy moments endured by the person. Because to understand what "white" can only compare it with "black." And only the man himself can give an answer about the meaning of their existence, and hence to choose a suitable incentive.

The idea of searching for stimulus of life often come in times of crisis. Not necessarily that the person has experienced any upheaval or hardship. It happens that people, after seemingly only dreamed about (marriage, financial prosperity, career, etc.), you know that lost the most important - a desire for something to strive for. You can try to wait out this moment, using the circumstances to relax and gain strength for new achievements, but you can revisit your life goals and objectives - in fact some just need from time to time to stop and think about how and why they live.

Search of incentive to live on a

Sometimes a man feels the need for the stimulus and under the influence of negative circumstances (job loss, divorce, death of a loved one and other trials of fate). When discouraged and did not want to live, you cannot afford more and more caught up in these thoughts. As said the main character of the iconic Gone with the wind, it is better to think about it tomorrow. And yet to focus on the immediate concerns. This will be especially effective if the actions related to physical activities - cleaning house, Laundry, or any similar events. It may sound corny, but such a Council, according to some psychologists, is rather generic and yet efficient.

For many the incentive is money, or rather, material well-being. And there is nothing wrong, if people want to provide themselves with honest ways, not leaving the work too deeply. However, when the work or the process of making money becomes the only meaning and impetus of existence, should think about their priorities - it is important to find a place for other important factors necessary for a full life. Communicating with relatives and friends, resting and actively playing a sport or a favorite hobby, traveling and getting new friends, you can feel that life is filled with meaning, and the incentive is just not there!