Advice 1: How to return the taste of life

Human life is rhythmic, for one day we can experience the state of joy to a dull calm. The pessimists downs take place in the acute form, and rises almost invisible,. but these changes often do not feel, considering that, in General, life is good. What about those who have at certain moments of life discouraged and have no strength to budge?
How to return the taste of life
To regain a taste for life can only be yourself forcing myself to do it. Yes, without your participation can not do. For a start it is necessary that you realize the impossibility of inaction and depression. Who's the boss – you or your laziness? If they came to the conclusion that it is time to change something, then half the work done.
To remember them all. It is important not to remember bad. Try to remember what gave you pleasure before. Than you have not been doing? Loved as a child to ride a bike or roller skates, and now are too old for this? Down with stereotypes – stand on rollers and forward – in the parks and alleys. Ice skates in winter. Invite your friends, be the initiator, start to change yourself and the world around you will blossom with new colors.
To plunge into the unknown. Do what you never did, you lacked the time or inclination. Diving, skydiving invigorate fine, but if you are far from the sport, do something quieter. Choose only what you like. There are a large number of companies offering unusual entertainment that do not require special training – swimming with dolphins, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, dinner in the dark. You yourself can make up your own adventure based on your tasteov.
To communicate with nature. To reflect on their own lives, to prioritize, build plans for the future sometimes prevents the daily routine – work, home, work. Treat yourself to a walk through a summer meadow, walk around the puddles in the rain. In the spring – watch for wandering leaves of trees in autumn – behold the falling leaves, winter – stroll under snow-covered branches, immersed in silence.
To change the house. Change one or two of the interior details – curtains, from the ceiling lamp. Move furniture, decorate sofa with decorative pillows in bright colors. Let the kitchen and dining room are yellow and orange – enough to put in a vase apples and oranges. Spray your favorite perfume or use scented oils. Oil of geranium, Melissa, neroli, rose, cedar raise the spirits. To remove the apathy and start to act use oil of ginger, lemon grass, thyme, lemon, bergamot, Jasmine or sandalwood.
To improve their health. To cure long-running disease – sounds may not be very alluring and even scary. But the result will be your pride for their determination, and the reward is your health. Those who do not suffer serious illnesses, can prevent them running, playing tennis or badminton, arranging sessions of yoga on the grass.
To deal with them. Care for a loved body will order the state of mind. Do at home the most simple face masks, hair, take a bath with salts and essential oils. Treat yourself to a chocolate body wrap (melt dark chocolate and mix with 1 tbsp. olive oil) or SPA treatment (soak a wad of kelp and apply on face or body). The taste of life back – guaranteed!
Don't get carried away with aromatherapy, before use of a particular oil please consult a specialist. Do not use essential oils pregnant women.

Advice 2 : How to regain the desire to live

The lack of meaning of life is reminiscent of being in a deep pit. Somewhere above people scurrying around, fighting for the best, to strive for something. The idea that it is necessary to return the desire to live is a sign that the person is ready to rise. Pit — a depression in which you find yourself.
How to regain the desire to live
Fix a period of time. You can accumulate money, knowledge, experience, but not the time it takes, because this man in limited quantities. While in prison, concentration camps people wrote on the walls the date was scratched out the markings of each day. Start making something like that- a daily or hourly basis, make notes. Counting the time it takes, you'll Wake up the soul. It is important to make a recording in the computer file and on paper to put in a prominent place. As the assistant to use the timer.
Start building stairs to the sky. The pit may be clay, rocky or other soil. No matter how hard to dig in, start doing a little recess — like notches, which are directed upward. Some people are sitting on the bottom waiting for someone to be pulled out. Time is running out, so take the initiative to count. Steps can be considered a small creative business that have enough energy. Start with restoring order around.
Step away from the bottom as far as possible: be careful not to fall, go up the stairs. The closer the heaven, the greater will be the strength and hope of deliverance. During the ascent you can come in thinking that at the bottom was comfortable, familiar, even comfortable, although sometimes wet, hungry and lonely. Stop loving the past, otherwise you will fall and everything will have to start again. Concentrate your efforts on the future life, which will be built with your own hands. Sitting in the pit and love of this life manifest itself in negative habits: watching stupid TV shows and reading useless books, dealing with cynical friends, etc. avoid bad communities.
When climb up to the edge of the pit, reach out to find help. Now no need to fight alone. Next will see people who have done something for your life. Someone sowed and harvested the wheat that you ate the bread, and someone created a website that you read this text. Love you, see sense in your life and prove it with actions. Surrounding also need your labor: when you notice the man who rises from the pit, maintain a smile and help to get to his feet. Love for others fill your life with meaning.
Some people can push you back by saying or doing something hurtful, insulting. You will not fall, if you treat them like small children. Silly people fight sometimes, cause each other pain, but an adult realizes that they have not yet grown to the awareness of actions.

Advice 3 : How to find joy in family life

Often, walking down the street, you can accidentally become a witness to heated discussions of family life, which are accompanied by unflattering statements in the address of the missing spouse. But how can you say that about the second half? Because when couples marry, people tend to create a family, become one and work together to go further on the chosen way of life. And if you can't bring premarital dreams come true? How, then, to find joy in family life?
How to find joy in family life

To begin to get rid of the bad statements with respect to the spouse and take it as an integral part of itself, forming a "we." A man will always be well treated, in spite of everything, carefully, with trepidation. The same attitude deserves the other half. In both the registry office came by mutual consent and love.

Secondly, you need to remember that life is short and consists of many moments, during which you can inadvertently insult or offend the other, resulting in quarrels and recriminations in the future, useless to anyone. Unfortunately, they are inevitable and the couple will get used to each other for a long time. In this case, it is best to learn how to truly forgive the other half to understand why she did this act, and discuss the situation with the statement of offense. Do not transfer the disagreements and negativity the next day. It can provoke new conflicts. Only after passing a similar path to achieve spiritual closeness in relationships that can be perfect.

Thirdly, it is necessary to take into account that an important key to a happy family life is the ability both to be able to reinforce the love for each other in the form in which it is required the second half. Someone needs to hear every day that love him; someone is waiting for deeds and proof of love, and who want a good night hug. It is important to know the needs of the partner and to timely provide its regular "portion of the" acts of love. After all, to find joy in family life only need to pay attention to the person next, to understand it and accept it.

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