To regain a taste for life can only be yourself forcing myself to do it. Yes, without your participation can not do. For a start it is necessary that you realize the impossibility of inaction and depression. Who's the boss – you or your laziness? If they came to the conclusion that it is time to change something, then half the work done.
To remember them all. It is important not to remember bad. Try to remember what gave you pleasure before. Than you have not been doing? Loved as a child to ride a bike or roller skates, and now are too old for this? Down with stereotypes – stand on rollers and forward – in the parks and alleys. Ice skates in winter. Invite your friends, be the initiator, start to change yourself and the world around you will blossom with new colors.
To plunge into the unknown. Do what you never did, you lacked the time or inclination. Diving, skydiving invigorate fine, but if you are far from the sport, do something quieter. Choose only what you like. There are a large number of companies offering unusual entertainment that do not require special training – swimming with dolphins, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, dinner in the dark. You yourself can make up your own adventure based on your tasteov.
To communicate with nature. To reflect on their own lives, to prioritize, build plans for the future sometimes prevents the daily routine – work, home, work. Treat yourself to a walk through a summer meadow, walk around the puddles in the rain. In the spring – watch for wandering leaves of trees in autumn – behold the falling leaves, winter – stroll under snow-covered branches, immersed in silence.
To change the house. Change one or two of the interior details – curtains, from the ceiling lamp. Move furniture, decorate sofa with decorative pillows in bright colors. Let the kitchen and dining room are yellow and orange – enough to put in a vase apples and oranges. Spray your favorite perfume or use scented oils. Oil of geranium, Melissa, neroli, rose, cedar raise the spirits. To remove the apathy and start to act use oil of ginger, lemon grass, thyme, lemon, bergamot, Jasmine or sandalwood.
To improve their health. To cure long-running disease – sounds may not be very alluring and even scary. But the result will be your pride for their determination, and the reward is your health. Those who do not suffer serious illnesses, can prevent them running, playing tennis or badminton, arranging sessions of yoga on the grass.
To deal with them. Care for a loved body will order the state of mind. Do at home the most simple face masks, hair, take a bath with salts and essential oils. Treat yourself to a chocolate body wrap (melt dark chocolate and mix with 1 tbsp. olive oil) or SPA treatment (soak a wad of kelp and apply on face or body). The taste of life back – guaranteed!