You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • paper;
  • - copies of documents;
  • photography.
A letter addressed to the mayor better get on the computer than to write by hand, so it will be easier to read. Use an ordinary sheet of A4 paper. At the top right of the email indicate the name, surname, patronymic and position of the addressee. Just below, through a blank line, enter your details, including passport, your home address and contact telephone number.
Stepping back a few rows in the center of the sheet write "Appeal", "Statement", "Complaint", etc., depending on the nature of your letter. Below will place the text of your appeal to the mayor. Try to write clearly, distinctly, essentially. If you complain of those or other officials and refrain from abusive language. For example, in any case, do not call anyone a thief, a briber, etc. Such a definition can only give the court. Describe the specific action or inaction of the officials, asking to take measures, but do not take on the functions of the court as otherwise you can be prosecuted for libel.
Your letter will be more informative if you attach any documents supporting your words. In the text indicate titles of the documents, their numbers, dates, etc. the documents (their copies) attach to your letter. Remember that the more accurate and clearer are the facts, the higher the chances of adoption of the right solution.
After the text of the letters back off one or two lines and write the word "Application". List in order, at numbers all attached to the letter of the documents. If accompanied by a copy, please indicate this by writing the name of the document, in parentheses, the word "copy". You can also attach photos confirming the above facts.
The letter, print two copies and sign, putting his name and initials and put the date. In the mayor's letter it is better to include personally than email. When your letter will take, ask them to make copies (it will remain) a note stating that the appeal was adopted. If the letter is send by mail, it can get "lost".
You should know that on issues not directly related to the activities of municipal authorities, should not apply to the mayor and to the appropriate Supervisory authorities or prosecutors. The mayor cannot intervene in the work of the courts, internal Affairs bodies, etc., he is responsible only to the issues of urban management.