You will need
  • address of the regional administration;
  • — the address of the web site;
  • computer;
  • — access to the Internet;
  • paper;
  • — handle;
  • print.
Define how you will direct the letter to: by mail or via the Internet. For the first method, you will need to know the address of the regional administration, the second address of the website from which you can send a message.
Be clear on the purpose of recourse to the Governor, this will help you to build text, to present it in a logical order.
In the header include your name, surname, patronymic, residence address and contract information: cell phone number or home phone number, Fax, e-mail address. If you complete the electronic form, fill in the specified data in the designated fields.
Start the letter with the application containing the word "dear" and the name of the Governor, for example, "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!". In a paper letter such treatment is below the "cap" in the center.
Next, clearly state the nature of his treatment, at the end of the letter to formulate a complaint or request that you would apply to the Governor.
If, in addition to the letter you attach any documents, list them in the application. Documents attach copies, so you can avoid the risk of accidental loss of the originals. If the merits of the appeal requires it, verifying the copy by a notary.
In conclusion, sign the letter and put the current date. If a letter is sent from the organization, it is signed by its Director or other authorized person, signature stamped.