You will need
  • - multicolored paint
  • - palette
  • brush
  • - a glass of water
  • - a sheet of paper
  • art white
Different shades of brown can be obtained, obscuring the yellow, red or orange paint with a small amount of black color. Literally start with one drop, carefully stir the mixture of paints on the palette before adding the next portion of black paint, to avoid absorption of its base color.
If the brown is very dark, you can try to lighten it a small addition of white art.
Very interesting brown shade is obtained by mixing red and green paints, the greater the proportion of "greens" in the mix, especially the swamp color you will receive.
The brown color can be obtained by mixing three primary colors – red, blue and yellow. Adding black paint or whitewash will help to create light and dark tones.
The variation of proportions will certainly affect the end result, so will give a dominant yellow hue ochre. And the predominance of blue will give a very dark brown, almost black color.
The red lead will create warm options brown with a hint of rust.
If you mix red, yellow and blue in a ratio of 1:1:1, you will get the output calm taupe color.