You will need
  • - colors.
  • - brush;
  • - the palette.
Prepare a large, comfortable palette where you can mix several options. To do this take a clean white cloth, a plastic tray, a lacquered plate or paper. Prepare some brushes and a jar of water. Of course, to get bright colors, can not do without a good professional paint, but can use ordinary gouache or watercolor.
Mix turns in basic shades and have a bright intermediate colors by mixing red and yellow will turn orange, and when combined blue and red you can see the juicy purple color. All the colors work, compare work on canvas paper.
Combine similar colors, like green and yellow, red and orange, blue and purple. By adding a shade of color will be very intense and catchy.
Some colors can make the bright with warm shades, to do this, add to the paints on the palette, orange or yellow paint. For example, the pink color will be much harder and more interesting if you add some orange paint.
To shade the resulting color and draw attention to it, surround it with lines and parts muted contrasting colors, for example, the red flower will look much more attractive among the green grass, than on a brown background Wallpapers.
To make a cold color is more bright, surround it with muted warm tones. For example, to highlight blue solid color add next to him the orange paint. Adjust the amount of blue and orange colors to achieve maximum contrast and brightness.
The saturation of the colors accentuate the black details, black color gives the drawing depth and complexity. Use the black color carefully. If it shows a brown or blue shade, so the paint will apply very carefully. To make the color darker, add black color to the palette with the tip of a thin brush.
In painting to achieve our goals is also widely used white color, apply it as a primer beneath the drawing, making, thus, the reason for juicy and saturated colors. Add a white color to other colors, if you need pastel colors (pale pink, light green, pale blue).