Define the desired paint color. Better to find the pattern, and then proceed directly to the mix. A model can serve as bleed cloth or cut out an illustration from a magazine. It is important that the sample was large, because the same color can look different on small and big areas. During operation should always compare what happens on the palette with the sample.
Remember that there are only three basic colors: red, yellow and blue. Other colors are derived. They are obtained by mixing the primary colors with white and black. Warm range is based on mixing yellow and red paints. Adding white to red, to bright pink shade, and a combination of red and yellow and black — brown tones. If you want to get more cool shade, just add a little blue.
In order to make the color darker and to get rid of excessive brightness, use black paint. It requires careful use. When mixing paint in the palette, is enough to touch the black paint with the tip of a dry brush. Pure black does not exist in nature, so before you begin mixing you should put a little paint on a white background. If the resulting black color is guessed dark blue, brown or purple, the paint is better not to use.
The white color is added to achieve a delicate light shades. He needed to create pastel colors: light pink, beige, pistachio shades. When using a large quantity of white paint, rich colors will not be achieved.