Natural dye, dyeing the cloth purple, was opened in the days of the Phoenician civilization. Pigment called murexide stands out the gland of a mollusk from the family of baranok. The process of fabric dyeing with this substance takes a lot of time. Fabric first became yellow, then green, then blue, and only at the fourth stage of the painting acquired a red-violet hue. Afford to wear purple could only the richest people, so as to obtain 1 g of the dye had to be modified to 10,000 mollusks. No wonder in Roman times purple dye was referred to as the "divine purple". In the Russian tradition, the color purple has been called the "scarlet" and relate to shades of red.
The purple color in different shades may contain dominant tones of red and blue spectrum. More pleasant to the human eye are shades of red, because they are easier perceived. Plum purple version is a little bit depressive character and replaces black at funerals in many cultures around the world. Natural purple close to plum color of medium intensity. These colors look noble and mysterious.
Aniline fuchsin also belongs to the category of purple dyes. This color is dominated by shades of red. It is considered a stimulating color. And the lavender color is, on the contrary, has the property to calm and put to sleep. The predominance of blue spectrum creates a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. This color is recommended for bedrooms.
The purple color used in the interior gives the room a touch of magnificence. Purple goes well with metal silver and gold color. Purple and gold is a traditional combination used in Imperial palaces and in the decoration of the robes of royalty. Also, this color is characteristic of the Oriental style and rich decorative elements like colorful pillows, valances, fabric Wallpaper.
As for clothes, purple not designed for everyday wear. He should be given preference when selecting evening wear. Purple can be combined with white to dilute the color intensity. Plum color in combination with purple to create an interesting play of colors. Color contrast you can create by combining yellow with purple-pink. Added tone to the main combinations may include red, blue and the color is antiqued gold.