Before you start to come up and choose a name, make a study of those cafesthat already exist in your city. The bigger will be your marketing by competitors, the greater the likelihood that your chosen name is still nobody won.
Decide the culinary direction of your cafe. If she is going to have a distinct national component and it will be mono kitchen, you just need to reflect it in the name of the café, and potential visitors before the visit it was clear the kitchen of the people they will be asked.
If you will focus on the main dish, such as ravioli and their varieties, or a variety of meat steaks here too, we need to beat this topic and to associate the name with the dish, which is sure to be in the order of each of your guest.
If you offer in your café a variety of food, not giving preference to any national cuisine, the choice here, of course, will be the most extensive. You can use the naming in the truest sense of the word and beat your last name, first name or patronymic. An example of such naming are all well-known brand "Smirnoff", "Tinkoff" and numerous "Mihalache", "annushki" and "Petrovich".
In the name of the cafe you can beat geographical features and landmarks of the place where is located your cafe. For example, "Under the oak", "waterfall", "At the crossroads", "the bridge", "the outskirts".
You can also link together the name and the design of their institution, giving it the proud name of "Knight's castle", "House of fisherman", "the Old mill".
Remember that a good name for a cafe , it is important not less than a good food and service. Ideally it should be recited and to bow down easily, to be quite brief, euphonious, not overwritten, with a strong charisma. Well, if it will be able to register it as a trademark. To do this, it must be patentsystem and protectable.