The hallmarks of successful titles of all companies, shops, restaurants and other places are, first, their originality, and secondly, easy memorability, third, reflected in the name the nature of this business and, fourth, the positive associations of the name. Consider these traits in more detail on the example of the name for the restaurant.
In essence, the original can be any name - it depends on what you have for a restaurant and what his customers. For young and successful people the name of the restaurant Vanil may seem quite original. Restaurant "the Pokrovskie gate" will attract the attention of customers the older generation. There seems to be the name rumochnaia "Second wind", not only to its frequent visitors. The memorability of the name is that it cannot be accidentally confused with the similar, and that it should not be too long, complicated, wordy.
Well, if the name of the restaurant reflects its cuisine. If your restaurant, say, specializiruetsya only Italian cuisine, it must be reflected in the title. You might argue that the Italian restaurants in Moscow a lot, and that almost all their names were Italian or similar to Italian words, and concepts associated with Italy. However, these names immediately give the customer information that it Italian restaurant, i.e., reveal its essence that matters. Thus, appreciating Italian cuisine (and her fans in Moscow a lot) past this restaurant will not work.
The restaurant is good food, good company, friendly service, beautiful decor... In some of the restaurant's is still good music or a small library. The customer goes to a restaurant primarily for something of the above. Good name of the restaurant should associate it with things like this.
Algorithm development name of the restaurant is about the same as for any other type of business. First studied the target audience - those who you expect to see as their customers. It is obvious that young people with average incomes will enjoy a completely different name than the more Mature and wealthy. Then examines your competitors - their names, their success. First is to pick at least 10 names and then, by process of elimination, to come to any one embodiment. You can ask to help their friends - they will be like to test your options.