The main concern of owners of these shops - how to be with the very phrase "second-hand"? After all, many potential buyers associate it with time when these stores were selling bad smelling stuff, brought to Russia with the charity bazaars. Today, everything is different – the product looks quite decent, and brand new things not unpicked labels in these stores gets a lot. How to be? To write on the sign the word "second" or not?If in addition to used things you plan to trade the so-called "drain" (and, most likely, it will, after all, he and the other product brought the same suppliers), write controversial words in very small print or discard them altogether. Think of a synonym like "Second wind." Or beat less clear the word "flow". For example, in one of the regions is a shop called StockBrands . Sonorous name, a catchy font, brand clothing labels with the same name – like all of these vintage stores. The buyer is not ashamed to admit it, where he buys clothes.
Latin transcription is a very convenient and logical move for the writing of the name of your store. Clothing it really is European, so no contradiction will not. Avoid long names. Ideal – two words that goes well together. Ask around the English - and French-speaking friends, look through the dictionaries. It is possible that the interesting and unusual combination of words will be found there.
Humor is not the best idea when searching for a name for the store. Keep in mind that some of your customers will be people who with pleasure would wear more pretentious places, but do not have enough funds to do that. Not waslate their feelings. For the same reason, do not overuse words like "super-cheap", "for a song", "give a gift". Such catchphrases are good for sales in regular stores, but for the audience second-hand, they are not suitable.
But you can refer to your other audience – the people who come in search of not so much cheap, how much of the original clothes that do not buy in normal shopping centers. Artists, journalists and other creative people are happy to look in the shop, the name of which beat the word "vintage", "original" and the like.
Most of the shops second-hand stores sell women's, men's and children's clothes. But if you want to specialize in any one of these categories, be sure to emphasize it in the title. The same applies for household goods – if your range of a lot of curtains, towels, tablecloths and napkins, it might be an interesting bait, which is necessary to inform the buyer.