Idle sensor is a device that is part of the control system of the vehicle and which serves to stabilize the idling speed. This device is an electric motor with a conical needle. Thanks to this sensor is the entering into the engine the amount of air required for stable idling. This happens due to the size change of the cross section of flow channel of air.

The volume of air passing through the controller, is read by the MAF sensor. After that, the controller monitors the flow of the fuel mixture in the engine of the vehicle using special fuel injectors. The system, which includes the idle sensor also automatically tracks the speed of the engine and takes into account the mode of its operation, increasing the flow of air to bypass the throttle or lowering it.

With the engine running, warmed to a certain temperature, the controller maintains the desired idle speed. In that case, if the engine is not properly warmed up, the idle sensor will increase the revs to warm the engine at high crankshaft speeds. In this mode you can start moving without waiting for complete engine warm-up.

Set the idle sensor on the throttle where it is secured by two screws. Sometimes the screws can be reamed heads or to be planted on the spray, making it difficult to dismantle the device for maintenance and repair. In such cases it is recommended not to touch the sensor fastener and remove the throttle fully.

Signs of a faulty sensor is the volatility of the idle dips or jumps when typing speed, stopping the engine, lowering revs under load switching. For Troubleshooting, disconnect the sensor connector with the ignition off, and then Unscrew the fasteners. After repair or replacement install the appliance in place, checking the distance between the flange and a tapered needle; it should not exceed 23 mm. To prevent oil seal ring with engine oil.