Engines with electronic fuel injection, a control unit, it is the second name of the computer. It calculates the volume of air that enters the cylinders and opens, if necessary, at some time or other electromagnetic valves of injectors. If there is excess air, and the sensor throttle position indicates that it should not be, a temperature sensor, in turn, that the engine is already warmed up and it is necessary to reduce the fuel flow, the computer "go files" and he's just not able to determine what to do with excess air. All this leads to a violation of the automatic system of the engine. And besides the engine speed is gradually increased.To offset this situation, you should do the following. First, it is necessary to tighten the screw that adjusts the revs. The result of this action closes the opening through which air enters to work in this mode. If it came to nothing lead, it is necessary to pinch the rubber tube with pliers. This manipulation is also diagnostic. If in the process of compression of any tube motor operation is normal, then this tube it is best to separate. Then we need to figure out what the device leaves this tube and why it's breathable. Most often, it is a trigger device that supports the rpm or valve crankcase ventilation of the engine. If after all the tube bent single, the still floats, it is necessary to remove the air duct before the throttle body. Directly in front of the flap is a hole about 1 cm in diameter, and through it can flow the air to bypass the throttle valve.The reason for the passage of excess air may be the device forced increase the idle speed. In appearance it resembles a motor to which two or three wires. There are times when a valve is leaking air.Carbureted engines can get into a situation where the faulty one of the shelves, revealing the choke.Diesel engines the reason for the sailing idle speed usually becomes a sticking of the movable blades in the feed pump. Because of the rust formed due to the presence of water in fuel. It happens with cars, long idle with the engine off.Knowing the reason of which was the sailing idle speed, you can try to cope with the situation, if you have the relevant experience. But it is best to trust the equipment the professionals.