Rules of making documents associated with the diploma, spelled out in the University regulations about WRC (final qualifying work) and can be adjusted in each of the universities. So before you use our recommendations, take on the chair position.
Getting directly to the skin, turn on Caps Lock and set the text justification and single spacing. Headset Times New Roman, write the word "Review" (without the quotes), using 14 PT font. Go to the next line.
Disabling the caps, type with a lowercase letter "a thesis (or thesis project or master's thesis depending on the type of the reviewed work). This and the previous line will highlight in bold. Make a single indent down.
The following lines are not highlighted and in bold are typed when the text justification. With a capital letter write "Student (or students) and add the surname, name and patronymic of the author of the diploma in the genitive case. Press Enter and name the code and name of training, specialties (e.g., Specialty 050505 "Journalism"). On the next line write the name of the profile or specialization, if any.
After another indent should be the topic title of the thesis: "Topic: "so-and-So".
By double-clicking on the Enter key, you can dial the main text of the review. It should contain an assessment of the relevance of the topic, analysis of the main provisions, methods and depth of study, compliance with the rules of registration of WRC. The reviewer should conclude that the practical importance of the work and to assess on a four-point scale and a recommendation on the award of the student with specific skills.
The signature is sometimes required to assure the office of the University where he works.
After the main text write "Reviewer", put a comma and a new line enter the academic degree, rank, position of expert and place of work (completely) – this information should be placed on the left of the sheet, in a column. In the center of the sheet leaves room for signature and on the right are called the initials and surname. With a new line – the number of digits in quotes, month (word) and the year in full.