Before writing reviews it is desirable to collect information about the film. You can do this before or after viewing. You need to know the name of the film, its Director, main actors, genre film, its story, place and time of the events in the film.
While watching movies it is desirable to arm a notebook and pen or pencil to make the necessary notes. It can be memorable dialogues, the emergence of a significant character, strange situation. These records then help to brush up on some at first seemingly insignificant moments. You can also capture members who sometimes make films. You need to be attentive and to notice the smallest details: make-up, sound enhancement, computer graphics, etc.
During the viewing or after it is desirable to assess the work of all filmmakers. Start with the Director: what I wanted to convey and how he did it, and what devices they used, how the title matches the story, etc. and Then rate the writer: realistic dialogues, original if the plot, etc., as well as the actors coped with the embodiment of the ideas of the Director, accustomed in the role, etc. don't forget the cameraman, editor, lighting guy: how sharp and clear the picture on the screen (however this is better to talk only versed in these matters to people), and costume designer, decorator, composer and sound engineer.
You can then make sketches of the review, a kind of draft. This can be done by hand or on the computer. You should try to be objective, and to warn readers if a review will contain spoilers.
Editing and giving a review in a readable form, first it is better to give General information about the movie, but not in reference form, and exciting, interesting and at the same time informative. You can briefly describe the plot without revealing major cards to make a kind of announcement. This section should not be more than one paragraph.
After the description of the film should proceed directly to the review, i.e. total viewing experience, thoughts that have emerged after the viewing, comments and ratings. And if the story, visuals or the game some actor reviewer did not like, it is important not just to demonstrate your opinion, but to adduce facts supporting the position. Objectivity is the main quality that should be in the review. When clear from the start that the film will not like it, it is better not to watch. It is also better to exclude from the list of reviewed movies those who rent the unloved, the Directors and which are unloved actors.
To finish a review of possible conclusions or recommendations for viewing. The conclusion must be succinct, short and clear. An example of this output can serve as a phrase: "it is a Pity that the great cast and an experienced Director are unable to the end to show all the drama of this story".
Before you show your review to the world, be sure to check it for grammar, punctuation and logical errors. Be a shame if competent and objective review is characterized only by the number of errors in it.