You will need
  • - course work;
  • supplies.
Before writing the review, read the course twice. Carefully read the text for violation of the structure of the narrative and stylistic errors. To check for plagiarism and to establish the accuracy of the presented facts must supervisor. Your task is to describe the work, based on certain criteria to make available comments and make recommendations for its assessment.
The course paper should consist of introduction, two chapters, conclusion and list of references. In certain cases there is a app. The introduction must include a description of the goals, objectives and methods used in this work. And in conclusion, the student should specify how these goals were implemented. If this principle in the course work is not met, please describe in detail any inconsistencies in my review.
Pay special attention to the informative and depth of demonstrated knowledge. If the coursework is no reasoned conclusions instead of own research are the official statistics reflect the review this fact with the subsequent reduction in the recommended evaluation.
Also indicate whether the style of presentation of the material in the course of this work the scientific style of speech. Often research students in the Humanities, is devoted to the analysis of artistic images and literary works are highly subjective and emotional. This is reflected in the use of vocabulary that is not characteristic of scientific style. All these deficiencies indicate in their comments.
Re-reading coursework, check that the number of authors in list of references with footnotes in the work itself. Student, conducting research should use at least twenty books (monographs, dictionaries, handbooks, textbooks). But, do not get this volume of literature, the student might just make the list of some of the authors and the footnotes on the pages of course they will not. For this you also need to reduce the recommended rating.