First you need to decide what to wash the bike. Very good and convenient option is to use a hose for garden irrigation. If the hose is not at hand, then you can do it even easier. Pour a bucket of water, but it is necessary to ensure that the water in the bucket was always clean, that is, periodically you have to change the water. Therefore, it is desirable that the water source was still nearby. You can also use the apparatus for washing bikes.
Now let's find out what sort of inventory to use for washing the bike. The sponge is better not to use, as it fills the small particles of sand, and you will scratch the frame. These scratches are barely noticeable in the shade, but perfectly visible in the sun, which will spoil the look of your two-wheeled friend. For cleaning large parts (frames, seats, wings) is better to use a small soft brush. For cleaning small and hard to reach parts (hubs, rims, pedals) will fit an old toothbrush.
First, we need to throw the bike out of the hose. The water will wash away the dust and soften stubborn dirt. While the bike otmokaet, it is possible to prepare a solution, what are you going to wash the bike. To do this, pour into a bucket of water and add car shampoo, swirl the water until a rich foam. Again rinse bike with water, being careful not to pour water on the bushings and chain. After that you can proceed directly to the sink. After you have applied a foam solution on the bike, wait a little to shampoo Otel remnants of dirt, but don't let it dry and rinse.
Once washed off all the shampoo from the bike, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. If the frame of your bike is a little faded, don't worry - this is residue from bad water. Take car wax, drip it on the frame and Polish, your bike will Shine again in the sun. If the shiny parts of the bike there was a small rust stains, they can be easily removed with WD-40 which is sold in any shop.
If you want to wash the chain, then take a small jar and pour it in the gasoline and kerosene. Be very careful, as these liquids are flammable, and their fumes are hazardous to human health. Take a junk toothbrush and flush the old grease, then don't forget to apply fresh grease.
After you washed the bike, wiped dry, and polished your bike, don't forget to lubricate all the switches, bushings and mechanisms with new grease. Washing your bike will take you so much time of half an hour. But how nice it would be to roll out a clean bike and go to him in the way. And remember that a bike like a car, loves affection, cleanliness and lubrication".