You will need
  • The subtle knife and Phillips screwdriver
The most common problem is audio devices and domestic use - spike the bad contacts, which are connected thin wires. In particular, this occurs during prolonged operation of the speaker at high volume. Two-way satellite speakers are much more likely to be damaged. The fact that the connecting wires of the tweeter (the small speaker - "beeper") is very thin. Their thickness is 0.75 mm. Under the influence of low frequencies (bass) wire can be disconnected only by a loud sound or booming bass.
how to disassemble the column
Simple models of audio systems you will be able to disassemble with a screwdriver. For this you need to Unscrew the screws on the back of the speakers, using a thin Phillips screwdriver. You also need to distinguish between the slave and the leading column. The slave is column number 2 (secondary), and includes leading case in all regulators, small transformer, etc. (is the main). Be careful, examining the leading column, since the back cover generally, disconnect will not be easy. This is due to the fact that the speakers are soldered to the front and tie them there.
how to disassemble the column
Some manufacturers of columns can glue the parts of the hull or bonding straps. To help you come to a penknife, it is desirable that the knife was strong. The connection brackets is the strongest connection.

There are also options of joining walls and columns below, you must first Unscrew the legs of the columns and then connecting the screws.
how to disassemble the column