You will need
  • cleansing dvd;
  • - special liquid for cleaning;
  • - aerosol can of compressed air;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - ethyl alcohol;
  • - water.
Read the user manual of your device and find out if you can use a special cleaning disk. Choose what kind of treatment, dry or wet, you will use when cleaning the print head. If wet you will need a special cleaning fluid, which in the amount of two drops applied to the disk.
Insert the cleaning disc forwards in the player or drive in the computer. Work time will be equal to the duration of the playback especially the notebook on the disk track. Such a disk can be purchased at a specialty store engaged in sales of home appliances.
Blow dust off lens surface using a special spray can of compressed purified air. A thin plastic tube extending from the head spray, allows you to direct airflow to the right place.
To clean the laser, aim the tube at the lens and "blow" within two to three seconds. Such cartridges are sold in specialty stores, their cost is low, at the same time have them for long. If you try to remove dust with an ordinary brush – it is unlikely that you will succeed 100%.
Clean the surface of the lens cotton swab hygiene, the thinner it will be – the better. You will produce it yourself, taking the match, Ostroga her and wound on the tip a little wool. The main thing is not to scratch the surface of the prism and try to inside the devices are not left wool.
Several gently wipe the lens. Then assemble the laser back properly aligning risks. If contamination is very strong, use diluted with water ethyl alcohol in the ratio 1:1.
Not produce strong pressure - so you can erase special antireflective layer on the lens surface and can damage its mechanism.