Advice 1: How to clean laser in dvd

If your DVD player went bad or failed to read information from the disk – possible clogged head laser lens. Before you contact a repair shop, try to clear it yourself.
How to clean laser in dvd
You will need
  • cleansing dvd;
  • - special liquid for cleaning;
  • - aerosol can of compressed air;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - ethyl alcohol;
  • - water.
Read the user manual of your device and find out if you can use a special cleaning disk. Choose what kind of treatment, dry or wet, you will use when cleaning the print head. If wet you will need a special cleaning fluid, which in the amount of two drops applied to the disk.
Insert the cleaning disc forwards in the player or drive in the computer. Work time will be equal to the duration of the playback especially the notebook on the disk track. Such a disk can be purchased at a specialty store engaged in sales of home appliances.
Blow dust off lens surface using a special spray can of compressed purified air. A thin plastic tube extending from the head spray, allows you to direct airflow to the right place.
To clean the laser, aim the tube at the lens and "blow" within two to three seconds. Such cartridges are sold in specialty stores, their cost is low, at the same time have them for long. If you try to remove dust with an ordinary brush – it is unlikely that you will succeed 100%.
Clean the surface of the lens cotton swab hygiene, the thinner it will be – the better. You will produce it yourself, taking the match, Ostroga her and wound on the tip a little wool. The main thing is not to scratch the surface of the prism and try to inside the devices are not left wool.
Several gently wipe the lens. Then assemble the laser back properly aligning risks. If contamination is very strong, use diluted with water ethyl alcohol in the ratio 1:1.
Not produce strong pressure - so you can erase special antireflective layer on the lens surface and can damage its mechanism.
If after carrying out the above operations of dvd player still does not work, most likely the laser head cannot be repaired, or the fault lies elsewhere.

Advice 2: How to clean lens of camera

Clean lenses lens is very important and worth supporting, if you want to get really good and clear photos with my camera. Even if you are shooting on a very expensive lens, it will not give the right quality at the contaminated lens is covered with dust, fingerprints, splashes of liquids and dry condensation. Dried water droplets on the lens can cause serious irregularities in the quality of future pictures, and they need time to clean. To get rid of stains, dust and grease and the lens a variety of ways.
How to clean lens of camera
Easy to remove dry dust from the lens can be air stream, but this stream needs to be fired from a clean, dry syringe, and not from your mouth. Blowing dust off the lens, you risk even more cleanly drops of saliva. It is also unacceptable to clean the dust off the lens with your finger. Fingerprints are much harder to remove than simple dust.
Do not clean lens cleaning wipes – they can cover the glass lenses a network of tiny scratches. You can use a special soft brush, which must be carefully and without pressure to clean the lens, as otherwise it can leave scratches, or special wipes to clean camera optics. These tissues release the company manufacturing photo equipment.
If your lens gets wet, don't wait till it dries, especially if the glass was not water, and some oil, juice or alcohol. Carefully remove drops clean cotton swab (don't press on the crystal and directing a cotton swab from the center to the edges of the lens. To remove the dried drops of fluids, breathe on the lens to smoke, and immediately wipe the lens with a dry cotton swab.
Especially resistant liquid stains may be removed with ordinary alcohol. Lightly moisten one cotton swab in alcohol and keep dry. Gently wipe it with a damp cotton swab to clean the lens, so that the alcohol trace on the glass instantly evaporate, and then breathe on the lens and wipe with a dry cotton swab. Soaked in alcohol stick it clean grease stains on the lens.
In the case of cleaning the lens from the grease stains, you may have to repeat several times the alcohol cleaning until the lens becomes clear again.
Alcohol cleaning is suitable only for glass lenses. If you have a simple camera with a plastic lens, the use of solvents is impossible. Try to prevent contamination of the lens during use with the camera.

Advice 3: How to clean virtual memory of your computer

If timely made clean virtual memory computerand the quality of work systems, and PC programs is greatly increased. Cleaning is necessary to preserve the confidentiality of data that remain in the paging file.
How to clean virtual memory of your computer
To clean virtual memory of your computer, you should choose one of the following options.
Button "Start", "Search". In the search bar, enter secpol.msc, press Enter. After the computer has found this file, open it by double clicking the left mouse button. A window will appear called "Local security settings". In this window, open the following folders: "security Settings", then "Local policies", "security Settings". Find the file "shutdown: clear pagefile virtual memory". Open it. In the window that appears, select the status "Enable", click "OK".
Button "start" – Run – gpedit.msc. In the resulting Group policy window, open the following folders: "computer Configuration", then "Windows settings", then the folder "security Settings", then the folder "Local policies" and then "security Settings". In the last folder find the file called "shutdown: clear pagefile virtual memory". Double-click the mouse in the window that appears switch to "Enable", "OK". In both embodiments, when the system shutdown will automatically occur cleaning the computer's virtual memory.
Open "start", "Search" in the search field enter Regedit. Found a file with the extension .exe open with a double click. In the window that opens on the left to find the folders: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", folder "SYSTEM" then "CurrentControlSet" then "Control", then the folder "Session Manager", and finally "Memory Management". In the window that opens on the right to find "ClearPageFileAtShutdown" to bring up the context menu, click "Edit" in the window that appears change the value from 0 to 1.

Advice 4: How to clean dvd disc

If your dvd drive is not readable on the computer or dvd player, it is likely that electronic media just need to be cleaned. There are several ways of removing traces of contaminants, preventing playback, and all have required emergency care.
How to clean dvd disc
To clean dvd disc from dust, wipe it with a soft cloth made of natural materials. At this point your movement from the center diskand the edge of the radius, and not in the reverse order. It is recommended to wipe the surface of the diskand circle, because circular damage is much more difficult to get rid of.
Try to dust off the surface of the electronic device with a special spray sold for this purpose in computer stores. Direct a jet of air from the spray parallel to the surface of the diskand wait until the dust will not remain a trace.
To remove fingerprints from the surface of the dvd diskor any other contamination, moisten a soft cloth ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, then wipe dry with a electronic media radial movements.
In order to more thoroughly clean a dvd disk, moisten the surface with water, lather hands and gently apply lather on the brilliant side, then gently rinse with water and blot with a fabric that easily absorbs moisture, such as soft towel. Not necessary to dry the disc with a Hairdryer, this could damage it.
Use liquid glass cleaner, applying it on a soft rag and wiping the surface of the diskand the direction of the radius. Or omit the dvd media in such a solution, and leave it for 5-7 minutes and then wipe the disc with a soft cloth made of natural material.
Please note that such solvents as acetone, gasoline, kerosene, and other compounds, which include petroleum products, categorically not suitable for cleaning the discs. They can be clouding the surface of the dvd diskand causing the electronic device unusable for future use. You should only use solvents on alcohol.

Advice 5: How to clean a iron inside and out: tips that work

The household seems to be the lesson simple and unremarkable. However, in reality it is not so. It often requires hosts to possess a set of specific knowledge and skills, only through which in the house to maintain cleanliness, order and comfort. A striking example of this may be maintenance of such appliances, such as iron. So, you need to understand how to clean iron at home.
How to clean a iron inside and out: tips that work

Sometimes it happens that this is constantly needed in any house thing is starting to become dirty, which, of course, immediately affect the quality of her work. Is it possible to clean iron at home? In such a situation it is necessary to conduct home-diagnosis and, by its results, to choose one or the other way to clean the iron.

Diagnosis: to clean the iron from outside or inside

It should be remembered that the irons might be dirty inside and out. In the first case, a steel base plate will be visible foci of contamination or solid contamination caused by sticking thereto of dust particles and fibers. So, you should clean the iron outside. This type of pollution is set by an external inspection equipment.

Internal iron contamination appears usually in the process of its operation, namely when it should, but is not allocated vapour, or iron with the steam stands out rust or dense flakes of unknown origin. Usually, this is due to the fact that iron refueled distilled or filtered water, as required by the manual, and the usual tap. Here, you need to clean the interior of the iron.

How to clean the iron from outside

Clean the iron from external contamination helps special pencil. Chemically active substances in its composition, will immediately dissolve the contamination with the hot soleplate. The disadvantage of this method is only an unpleasant smell, which distinguishes the pencil when heated.

Another way to bring the sole of the iron to its former smoothness is to clean with salt. On unnecessary paper in the form of slides should pour fine salt. The heated sole of the iron you need with the effort led by salt. As soon as it starts to get dark, so the iron is clean.

How else can you clean the iron

Extend the life of the iron may also a regular soda. It must be mixed with a small amount of any detergent applied to the sole of the iron and carefully rubbed with a sponge. If the contamination is not immediately depart, you can leave your soles soaked in this solution for some time and then repeat the procedure clean iron.

Among the available ways to clean the soleplate applies the vinegar. It should moisten a cotton cloth and it is to try to remove pollution. If necessary, the cloth can be repeatedly wetted with vinegar.

The General rule for all external cleaning of the iron is washing (cleaning) soles after cleaning with a wet cloth. Otherwise there is the possibility of accidentally soiling the item remnants this means in the process of Ironing.

How to clean iron inside

Clean the iron on the inside to help special products that you can buy in the store. Following their instructions, you can pretty well flush internal system of iron.

Quite often manufacturers provide special cleaning system irons. For this purpose on the housing of the iron there is a special button. Following the instructions in the manual, namely, heating the iron to the desired temperature and pressing the clear button, any hostess effortlessly able to bring order to your domestic assistant.

If the scale is still not washed out of iron, you can dismantle it and wash all parts by hand. However, if there is no confidence in their technical skills, perhaps it is better to trust to clean iron experts.

Timely cleaning of iron

To favorite iron served as long as possible, it is necessary to pay attention to its condition and clean. In addition, you must strictly follow the instructions developed by the manufacturer, namely, to use the recommended type of water to observe the temperature regime in the process of Ironing different types of fabrics, etc. Then grateful technique will work like a clock, helping his caring and attentive hostess to maintain order and a cosiness in the house

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