Grand Theft Auto IV has an entertaining plot. Fair play for the main character Niko captures and adds to the adrenaline rush. However, as in other games, here you can enter codes to ease some complex tasks.
The fourth part is the possibility of the heroes of the game to keep in touch using mobile phones. Feature using cheats is the need to enter them via mobile phone. By default, the up button on the d-pad is responsible for the use of cellular protagonist. Is a configurable parameter, for convenience you can assign any other button in the game settings, tab "Options mouse/keyboard", then "Arbitrary assessment".
To enter the number you need to call your phone (move up button), then select the dialing mode on the phone (again up button). Perhaps, for a set of numbers you have to include Num Lock. In case, if you correctly enter the code in the top left corner of the monitor will see the words Cheat Activated ("Cheat activated" or "Activated code unfair game"), and the code will remain in the number of outbound calls.
A list of generic codes GTA 4: 482-555-0100 – health, 362-555-0100 – armor 267-555-0100 to reduce the level of police attention, 267-555-0150 – to increase the level of police attention 468-555-0100 – change weather 486-555-0100 – weapon set No. 1 486-555-0150 – weapon set No. 2. Codes for cars GTA 4: 938-555-0100 – Jetmax, 359-555-0100 – Annihilator 625-555-0100 - NRG-900, 625-555-0150 – Sanchez, 227-555-0175 – Comet 227-555-0100 - FIB Buffalo 227-555-0142 – Cognoscenti, 227-555-0147 – Turismo 227-555-0168 – SuperGT.
We will focus our attention on the fact that you entered the cheat code includes restrictions in the game, which means you will not be able to complete the game one hundred percent. In any case, it is not recommended to save the game when using codes.