Advice 1: How to bathe a pug

As any other animal, the pug needs quality grooming. Bathing pugs is recommended only in cases of severe pollution, as with all the rules of the dog's coat remains clean. If the animal is dirty, when you wash, you should consider certain features.
How to bathe a pug
You will need
  • - rubber Mat for the bath;
  • - a cotton swab;
  • shampoo;
  • - a towel.
Lay on the bottom of a bath Mat to the paws of an animal does not slip on the surface, and adjust the water temperature. It should be equal to body temperature, the animal is not frozen and not burned. Pour into the bottom of the tub with a little water.
The pug ears plug with a cotton swab, which will protect them from water when washing off the shampoo. Wet hair from the shower, avoiding the head. A section of wool on it and the face wash at the end of the swim. To do this, simply wet with warm water and a soft cloth to wipe down every crease on the face.
RUB in a small amount of shampoo, lather it and apply on the dog's back, stomach and legs. No need to take too much detergent, or in contact with wet hair can be formed excessive foam which will be difficult to wash off. The shampoo is rinsed from the hair immediately after soaping large amounts of cool water.
After washing your pug is finished, wipe well every crease with a towel, remove ear canal swabs and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth the ear. Care pug includes regular cleaning of the ear canal from accumulated dirt and sulfur. The dog's coat can dry neat blotted movements with a towel or Hairdryer, but not every animal is willing to quietly tolerate this procedure. In the room at this time should be warm, otherwise the animal might get sick.
Before you bathe your pug, you should carefully review the hair on the presence of parasites. If those are found, use a special insecticide shampoo. In parallel with this process the insect repellent place of stay dogs.
Useful advice
Pugs recommend washing no more than once per quarter, otherwise the water can wash away a biologically active film that covers the hair. Without it the dog may appear dandruff, and the hair becomes dull and brittle.

Advice 2: What do you call a pug

Buying a purebred dog from breeders, you get the name, which often not less than thirty letters. But while the puppy is still small, there is a chance to accustom it to a more suitable name. To find the simple and easy to pronounce name, follow a few rules.
What do you call a pug
Not worth to call a dog a human name, so on the walk did not happen embarrassment. Don't let the nickname of a recently deceased pet to it did not affect the fate of the new. Names such as Azor, Archie, Buck, Boxing, Bruit, Battle, Warp, wood, Garci, Jacques suited for active and energetic dogs, they are pugs.
How to name <strong>pug</strong>
In the female, consider the following nicknames: Ava, bona, Basia, girs, Desi, Dina, Dolly, Sola, Zura, spark. Pay attention to the character of your pet, playful, relaxed, or impish, his features you will tell anything. Remember that the pug is not a guard dog strong and evil, it is rather ornate home dog. From which it follows that the nickname should choose calm, good-natured. But at the same time sonorous and beautiful in pronunciation, as you will have to live with this name, and not just to shout it on the street.
How to name <strong>pug</strong>
If you want to name a pet was associated with his "funny" face for example, try to pick up something from these names: Tostan, an Idea, Gironde, crumble, Cube, Cap, Walrus, Bear, Fly, Punch. Most likely, the dog will quickly get used to a short name, but if you set out to give a long complicated name, I think for convenience, a shortened version (Mitchell-Mitch).
How to name <strong>pug</strong>
To a pet quickly become accustomed to its nickname, often repeat it. During feedings stop him, then his name will match him with a delicious dish. Do not skimp on the praise. If the dog is in a short time learned his name, give her something as a reward. Whatever name you choose, remember that it will tell others about you than about your dog.
How to name <strong>pug</strong>

Advice 3: What age to bathe baby in a large tub

From birth until the umbilical wound has healed, the doctors suggest to bathe the kids in the children's bath. And by the end of the first month of life, the question about bathing a child in a small or a large tub is at the request of parents.
What age to bathe baby in a large tub

When to start bathing baby in the big tub

Baby bath - optional attribute for the care of a baby. Allowed bathing the baby in the adult bath immediately after birth, subject to the necessary measures of disinfection. But pediatricians recommend bathing babies up to three months in a confined swimming location. This is necessary in order to make the child feel more confident, drawing attention to the fact that it is surrounded by walls, as in the mother's womb. It is clear that the more the child ceases to fit in a child's bath, and especially his toys. So by this time it is better to teach a baby to bathing in a large tub.

How to bathe a baby in the adult bath

If you are bathing a child since birth in a large tub, be sure to add a manganese solution is prepared in water so that microbes have not got have not yet healed umbilical wound. While bathing a newborn baby, one adult must hold the baby by the head, and the other directly to wash. All movements must be sure and quick, total time swimming little man is no more than five to seven minutes.
Bathing should only use approved baby hygiene products.

The older child can bathe with someone from adults or independently. Bathing with mom or dad should observe the hygienic requirements an adult needs to take a shower. For self-bathing, you can use the rubber ring that will support the child's head above water as he swims. If the water in the tub a bit, you can put a diaper on the bottom and put the baby on it, holding the head so that water does not get into your ears.
The baby should be his well-laundered and ironed towel.

To prepare water for bathing, you need to first check the temperature, it should be no higher than forty degrees. Even if you washed the tub before bathing, don't forget to add the solution of potassium permanganate and wait until it dissolves, so the nuggets did not get to body crumbs. A water softener put into it a teaspoon a tablespoon of soda. For flavor you can add a children's salt or a decoction of the fragrant weed. For fun it is possible to dissolve the foam and give the child toys. While bathing all the necessary tools and a towel, you should have at hand. On average, the bathing baby in the big bath should not last more than fifteen minutes. After this time, remove the baby from the water and wrap in a towel.

Advice 4: How to bathe a newborn for the first time

Bathing a newborn is a hygiene procedure, which maintains the purity of baby skin and keeps it health. Many children are happy to accept this water, since it reminds them haven't forgotten intrauterine environment.
How to bathe a newborn for the first time
You will need
  • baby bath,
  • bucket for rinsing,
  • boiled water (37 o C),
  • baby soap,
  • flannel mitten,
  • two diapers,
  • tools for formal treatment of the navel and skin folds (oil or powder)
  • clothing after bathing.
Bathing the newborn immediately after discharge from the hospital, provided that this day had not been vaccinated. Bathing is better at the same time, preferably before the evening feeding. It promotes good sleep and gradually accustoms the baby to the regime. The temperature in bathroom shall be not less than 24C, the water temperature is 37 o C.
Put on the bottom of the bath folded several times a diaper, and then pour water. Measure the temperature again with a thermometer. If the baby skin rash or irritation, it can be added to the water dissolved in advance a weak solution of potassium permanganate or decoction of a succession.
Take the baby so that his head lay on one arm and the other support him under buttocks. Immerse in water gradually, from the legs. The head and upper third of the chest of the baby should be above the water. The baby is not frozen, all the time rinse it with water from the bath.
Head soap baby soap. Gently rinse it so it does not fall on the face and eyes. Next, wash the area behind ears, folds on the neck, under the arms and in the groin. Rinse all soapy areas with water. Wash the genitals (in girls from front to back). At the end of the bathing, rinse your pre-cooked with water (1 ° C lower than that for swimming) first the head and then whole body.
Wrap the baby in a diaper and a towel. Absorbent movements dry skin and proceed to the processing of the face, navel and skin folds.
Soak a cotton ball in warm boiled water and them wipe each eye from the outer corner to the nose. Another cotton ball wipe the face of a baby. Check the nasal passages. If necessary, clean them with a cotton flagella, soaked in water or oil. Treat all natural folds (powder or oil), and stomach (3% hydrogen peroxide, and then with a solution of brilliant green).
Bathe baby with soap once a week. On other days, bathing is quite normal boiled water. All water should be no more than 7 minutes.
Useful advice
So swimming was always for pleasure it must be regular.
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