You will need
  • - rubber Mat for the bath;
  • - a cotton swab;
  • shampoo;
  • - a towel.
Lay on the bottom of a bath Mat to the paws of an animal does not slip on the surface, and adjust the water temperature. It should be equal to body temperature, the animal is not frozen and not burned. Pour into the bottom of the tub with a little water.
нужно ли купать котят
The pug ears plug with a cotton swab, which will protect them from water when washing off the shampoo. Wet hair from the shower, avoiding the head. A section of wool on it and the face wash at the end of the swim. To do this, simply wet with warm water and a soft cloth to wipe down every crease on the face.
с какого возраста можно купать британских котят
RUB in a small amount of shampoo, lather it and apply on the dog's back, stomach and legs. No need to take too much detergent, or in contact with wet hair can be formed excessive foam which will be difficult to wash off. The shampoo is rinsed from the hair immediately after soaping large amounts of cool water.
After washing your pug is finished, wipe well every crease with a towel, remove ear canal swabs and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth the ear. Care pug includes regular cleaning of the ear canal from accumulated dirt and sulfur. The dog's coat can dry neat blotted movements with a towel or Hairdryer, but not every animal is willing to quietly tolerate this procedure. In the room at this time should be warm, otherwise the animal might get sick.
как мыть чихуа хуа