You will need
  • Russian passport
  • Statement in duplicate,
  • Receipt of payment of state duty,
  • A copy of the work book, certified at work
  • Military ID or certificate from military registration and enlistment office (for male from 18 to 27),
  • Photos of 2 things.
The first step in the preparation of documents for passport with biometric data is taking a copy of work record of work. Remember that on the last page the inscription: "Working on now", seal, signature of witness (usually HR), and be sure number. From this point on this document is valid for exactly one month.
If You are not working, then make a photocopy of the work book is not necessary. Just keep it to yourself.
Next you need to fill out an application the established sample. We strongly recommend to download it from the official website of the Federal migration service. By the way, you can immediately find the program (Adobe Reader) to open this document. A pdf. The statement itself is populated ONLY in electronic form and in capital letters.
Now to be clear all the items of the questionnaire:
Paragraph 1. If you have not changed the name write "name NOT CHANGED". If changed to write in this form: "UNTIL 1997, NIKITIN, MEDVEDKOVSKY the registry office of MOSCOW.

Item 2. Number number, month with letters, year completely. Example: 4 MARCH 1987.

Item 3. Better completely. (MALE, FEMALE)

Item 4. Write strictly according to the passport. Word for word.

Item 5. Phone better home (contact).

Item 6. Completely without cutting.

Paragraph 7-10, 12-13, 15. Just answer the questions.

Item 11. Fill ONLY men aged 18-27. All the rest is NOTHING to write!

Item 14. This item is filled strictly according to the workbook. Work activity requires EXACTLY 10 years. And if You fill out an application in July 2011, and in the questionnaire the first number by the fill since JULY 2001 and is not strictly a moment as you began to work in any organization. The format will be "07 01/05 04". If at some time MORE than ONE MONTH You were not working then write with what at what time, in the "Position and place...", just write:"TEMPORARILY NOT WORKING". In the "Address" to write while home address (for registration AT the TIME).If the gap is less than a month, it does not specify, and immediately write the following place of work or study. In the "Position..." valid only reduction of JSC and LLC, all the rest write in full. The post list separated by commas. You must specify all of the reorganization of the company while you worked there. In the column "Address" it is better to write in law.

After completing work experience at the last two lines indicate the number of employment and date of issue. If you do not have it, then this is the place to write "EMPLOYMENT record AND SENIORITY. If you need more space, use another form of the REVERSE side of the questionnaire.
Print the form on A4 paper. Need double print (front and back sides on one sheet).
 Example of correctly completed form:
Need to get some pictures, or take old. Suit absolutely any size: 3x4, 3,5x4,5, 3,7x4,7. Can be color or black and white. The main thing that they were similar in the amount of two pieces. These photos will be used only for the questionnaire. On the passport You will be taking pictures right there.
Make a copy of all pages of the Russian passport bearing information. For people to change name or surname need a copy of the document to confirm a change. For example, a certificate of marriage.
For baby you need: copy of certificate of birth, copy of the passport of one of parents (all pages bearing information). If the child is registered at the address of the other parent, you also need a photocopy of a second passport or certificate from the passport on registration.
Reassure your profile at work. Need the signature of the head of the organization, and print. For students, the questionnaire shall be certified by the Institute in the personnel Department. Students, unemployed, pensioners form is not assured.
Pay legal costs. For children under the age of 14 years, the state duty equal to 1200 rubles. From 14 to 18 years old price is 2500 rubles. For adults as well, and 2,500 rubles. At the moment, the passport is for 10 years.
With all these papers go to the FMS and safely submit documents.
Details for payment biometric passport.