Obtaining passport for the student differs little from obtaining a passport for adults, except that the place of work of the student is higher educational institution, the personnel Department which you must visit when filling out documents. You first need to get an application to receive a passport. You can get it from the passport office or on the website of the Federal migration service. Passports are old (five years) and new (ten years, contains a microchip with information) of the sample. The application for the passport of the old sample it is possible to fill a black pen in block capitals, but it is better to do it on the computer using Adobe Reader. Filling out paperwork for a new passport must be only in electronic form.
"Seniority," enter the years of school and year of admission to the University. In the Dean's office to take a certificate in place of what you really are studying at the University. This form must be certified by the personnel Department of the University, preliminary having it on the signature of the rector or Vice-rector on educational work.
In addition to applications and information from the University please attach a receipt of payment of the state fee. It must be paid in accordance with the type of passport (new or old model) which you chose. Also for the passport of the old sample it is necessary to put 4 photos 3,5x4,5 color or black and white. Pictures to document the new sample make directly in the passport office when applying.