Advice 1: How to fill out a form on the passport of the new sample

To fill yourself the first time to take it to the passport of the new sample, it is necessary to know some rules and nuances.
How to fill out a form on the passport of the new sample
The form should print on two sides of the same sheet.
Application form for obtaining the passport of the new sample must first be filled in electronically and then printed. Filling by hand is not allowed.
In paragraph 1 on the first line enter your name on the second line write "name not changed", if you do not change, in other cases, you specify the old name and Department of the registry office in which it was changing.
In paragraph 2 you need to write the date of birth so "MARCH 15, 1987" (without the word "year" or the letters "g").
In section 3, you need to specify your gender "FEMALE" or "MALE"
In 4. rewrite the information as written in your passport.
section 5 complete this way: 125042, MOSCOW, LENINGRAD PROSPECT, XX SQ. XX, TEL. (XXX) XXX-XX-XX
In paragraph 6 you write "RUSSIAN FEDERATION", be sure to include a line below that of citizenship of another country do not have.
In clause 10 write "NOT" through one place ".
In paragraph 11 you write "NOT INTENDED". Women with this shape also need to be filled.
In paragraph 12, if you have no convictions please write "NOT CONVICTED".
In paragraph 13, you must write "NOT SHY away".
In section 14 shall contain information about studying and working for the last 10 years. Dates are written in the format of XX.XXXX (10.1999). The graph location must specify city (ROSTOV-ON-DON, SOTSIALISTICHESKAYA UL., D. 17). If there were periods when you did not study and did not work for more than one month, it is necessary to specify.
In paragraph 15, if a passport you had to write "HAVE".
The completed questionnaire should be verified with your supervisor or in the personnel office of the organization where you currently work or study.
Useful advice
Be careful filling PP.10-13. Do not try to deceive the competent state authorities. You just refuse to obtain a passport for providing false information.

Advice 2 : How to fill out a questionnaire to the visa office

For a passport you must fill out a form to OVIR. From 01 April 2010 you can fill it and send by email. The issuance of passports is regulated by the Federal law "On the procedure for exit from Russian Federation and entry to Russian Federation" "337-FZ".
How to fill out a questionnaire to the visa office
You can fill out the questionnaire by hand, in this case, use only a pen with black ink, write clearly, without errors and corrections.
Complete the name, if the name has changed, indicate this. Next, enter the date of birth, gender, place of birth, place of residence (permanent residence), nationality, passport details.
In paragraph 8, enter the purpose of obtaining a passport, 9 - primary receipt, instead of lost etc. When filling out the information in paragraph 10 to 13 specify whether you were admitted to the information that is relevant to the state secret; write information about military service; a criminal record or on his own recognizance. If the applicant is under investigation, convicted, then he will not be able to get a passport.
Include information about the child. If you get a biometric passport, this section does not need to be filled. All children from 1 month issued your passport. In the following paragraph, write the information about your jobs in the last 10 years, at the end of the paragraph indicates the number and series work book.
At the end of the questionnaire, sign and date it. Sign the document at the place of work if you are studying, place of study. In the upper right corner is a photo that is stamped on its lower left corner in last place of your work. Remember that when filling out the questionnaire all responsibility for the accuracy of the information rests with you.
To complete the questionnaire, to avoid errors, and return documents from the visa officeand you can seek help to a specialized company, which will fill you with all the documents in accordance with requirements.
Useful advice
You can choose which passport will be issued, ordinary or biometric. The difference is they have validity: passports with electronic media, the service life increased to 10 years, vs 5 years for ordinary. Also different and the size of the state duty for registration of document.
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