The questionnaire consists of one sheet with questions and data about the person. The form should be completed strictly in electronic form in capital letters. The questionnaire is printed on a single sheet at 100% scale, in two copies. Each questionnaire is attached a black-and-white photograph 3x4.
Consider the most common mistakes made when filling out the questionnaire.
Paragraph 1 gives the first name, middle name, last name. The bottom is a note that if the name were changed, it is necessary to specify what and when. But those who's name is not changed, should indicate "Not changed".
In paragraph 5 you want to specify the place of residence (registration). This refers to the place of residence.
In paragraph 8 you need to specify the purpose of obtaining a passport: for temporary entry abroad, to stay abroad.
In paragraph 9 you need to specify the details of a previously issued passport. If you didn't have a passport, you need to specify: "Not had".
In paragraph 14 to provide information on labour activity over the last 10 years, including study and service in the army. Start by increasing the study or service in the army. Finish the current job. This field has put the seal in the personnel Department. If you have never worked, write: "do Not work. I live at the address...".
The statement you should prepare a statement of employment record certified by personnel service. Original and copy of a Russian passport and previously issued passports. A copy of military ID. For children up to 18 years - original and copy of birth certificate.