A passport is a specific procedure recorded by a special legal act - the Administrative regulations for the Federal migration service of the state service on registration and issuance of citizens of the Russian Federation of passports.

Documents required for passport

This regulation establishes not only the procedure of issuing passports to citizens of the Russian Federation, but also the list of documents that they must submit to the Federal migration service to obtain them. So, in General case, this list includes the following positions:

- application for issuance of passport;
- passport, certifying the identity of the applicant;
- the receipt confirming payment of fees for the provision of public services;
- the photos that meet the requirements.

In some cases this list is subject to change. For example, when issuing new passports with electronic data carrier a territorial office of the FMS today carries out photographing of the applicant, therefore, photos in this case are required. But if you apply to issue a new passport before he expired, old, latest, too, will need to provide to the FMS.

All these positions are transferred to the territorial body of the FMS and retained by the employee up. This, however, does not apply to regular passport: it will only need to present ID at the time of application.

Employment history when getting a passport

The above list of documents valid for working adult citizens who are not soldiers and are not subject to conscription: the last category of citizens will have to submit some additional documents.

The requirement to produce additional documents applies to non-working citizens. The fact that the established form of application for issue of passport includes a section on work of the citizen, who is certified with the seal and signature of the employer. If the citizen is currently not working, obviously, to assure this section will be nobody. In this regard, the unemployed citizens to obtain a passport must submit the original employment record book or extract from it which can prove the nature of his work over the last 10 years.