Make your statement on the issuance of passports adopted in the FMS (Federal migration service) you must legibly fill in all the boxes.
It's better if you fill in the questionnaire in electronic form. There will be easy to correct errors and make necessary corrections.
The questionnaire can be downloaded on the official website of the FMS of Russia If you are not very versed in the use of world wide web, ask relatives to help you.
In the first graph of the statement for issue of the passport you specify their name, surname, patronymic, date and place of birth.
Then place of residence to registration. That is, which are you on the stamp in the passport.
Then you should specify the nationality. If you are a citizen of two countries - write the name of the second nation.
Then you enter the data of a passport series, number, date and place of issue.
Then write the purpose of obtaining a passport, and whether you have this document, or you are producing it for the first time.
The following items of the questionnaire are questions about the obligations that may prevent travel abroad. Reply to them honestly. Inspection bodies in any case, discovers the deception, and to receive the passport will fail.
Then you need to find a work book as per the statement will need to specify all the jobs and services over the past ten years. Be sure to indicate date of receipt on the working place, position, company name and permanent address.
If in the past decade, you were already retired, then fill out the information on the work is not necessary. Just specify the date of retirement.
On the reverse side of the document you need to fill out the line specifying the number and series of passport, which is already available. If you receive a document for the first time, fill nothing.
Then, under the application form for you to sign and date.
Lines that are completed by the employee of the FMS. To write there is nothing.
The last step is to photograph. It must be glued to the upper right corner on the front of the questionnaire. The should be the same as the photo in the passport.